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Citi Cards / I will not do business with them anymore

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I have had it with Citi Cards Dividend Platinum Select Master Card customer service. I overpaid my credit card balance by $2K and asked for refund on the surplus. The rep responded by saying the earliest date they can refund the money would be 10 to 30 days later which is totally unacceptable. This immediately shows that they want to keep my money on the card in hope that they won't have to refund it to me. So, as a grunted consumer, I asked for the supervisor and he said the same thing. I complaint that other credit card company can wire the surplus within 24 hours and why they cannot do it. Anyhow, I let go the first time and I checked back in two weeks after I don't receive anything. Same response and none of them have a clue on the status of my account. This time I am really pissed off and close the account in hope to get their attentions. Nope, the reps instead are attempting to delay the refund again. Now, I am going to report this to Better Business Bureau and I am glad that Citibank are in trouble financially now. Hope they shutdown the credit card division. I will not do business with them ever.

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  • Mo
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    I experienced a similar situation where I made an early payment that did not post to the correct billing cycle. Despite numerous phone calls to insure that the payment was applied/posted correctly. CS Reps. did not record any phone calls or request.

    The two payments were posted to the same billing cycle - SURPLUS. It was not posted to the correct month and this critical oversight subsequently pushed my account into default status, incurred late fees, the APR went from 14.24% up to 29% and continue to escalate for (2) months because that’s how long it took Citibank to accurately review the account. During those 2 billing cycles my monthly payments doubled for a total of $1, 959 and I paid each one - hoping for immediate resolution. They took my money too!

    After countless e-mail’s and phone calls I finally spoke to a CS Manager that recognized the critical error within in 2 minutes flat. Two minutes! He escalated the issue to the appropriate authorities – nothing was resolved. After repeated complaints to S. Larson Citicards/Citibank reluctantly posted credits and made one adjustment and I did not need to make an August payment. of August and now they want another $687.41 for September. They are thieves!

  • Iz
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    I agree that Citicards management are thieves, but I have to say that Chase bank is even worse, and their phone representatives are blatantly rude! Right now I am searching for a more consumer-friendly bank to transfer my balances to. There is too much competition in the banking industry to be treating customers unfairly. In the long run, the "fair" companies will come out on top.

  • Mo
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    Thanks for the heads up! I agree the competition in the Banking industry is "fierce" and Customer Service should not be minimized.

  • Wt
      19th of Sep, 2010
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    I pay all of my bills on time and they just raised my interest by 4% and said they were doing it to everyone. I checked into it and found that this was true. I called them when I first read their letter stating this. I was pissed and would not except talking to their first wall of defense(customer service). Finally I spoke with someone who could do something and all he could do was give me 6 more months at the cuurent APR and then it would automatically switch.

    The man seemed to be the most honest that I had talked to from Citi in the past 10 years. I went with it knowing that it gave me an additional 6 months to try and find someone better to go with. I have not found anyone that seems to be better than the other. If you know anyone better, please post it!

    I looked up citicards and saw some of their history. They have a damn rap sheet worse than most people we throw in jail. It is a disgrace that we have let this go by and makes our government look like they help out the bullys. These large corporations should not get a helping hand as they would not give it to any of us individuals. They have watched and even made millions of people fall into dispair and it should be our turn to watch them. They are takers not givers. Don't be fould by the giving they do, they only give knowing they can TAKE at least three times back. Late fees, increased interest rates for mistakes or just because, all most every service they provide cost something when even some of the basic ones should just be provided to you. This coporation is a representation of the United States and our way of business. Our children are learning that this is how it is and that this is the best that we can become as a society at the moment. Its a damn shame!

    We should take the power back! They have the advantage because they are organized and grouped together. We are individuals spread out and dont meet on a daily basis. But what if we did. What would happen if we created a huge(more than the friends Tila Tequila has on Myspace) group of angry cardholders that all wrote to our government and if they didnt help solve this situation, we all cancel and refuse to pay!

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