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Citi Card / dispicable business practices

1 FL, United States Review updated:

First let me start by saying I have a credit score in the Excellent range.
The first time I had a run in with Citi card was last year. I was paying my bills online. due to thier s-l-o-w website the payment didn't process until 12:01 because my payment was 1min. late, I got hit with a late charge and my interest rate went to the default on the entire balance. I went round and round with thier so-called "customer service" for days, spoke to a supervisor, and then the supervisors supervisor. they finally removed the late charge, but did nothing about the interest rate.

now, I am in the middle of arguing with them about a new problem. by bill has bee 89.00 for over a year. I paid my bill online two weeks early. I paid 100.00 when I received my statement, my payment had gone up from 89.00 to 102.12 contacted Citicard and still have not gotten an answer to why they raised my payment, and went online and paid the 2.12. they still hit me with a late fee, and raised my interest again.
I was p.o.'d called them up, asked for a supervisor, and then the supervisors supervior, but still no satisfaction. I have had a Citi account for over 12 years. I have never been late with a payment except the 1 min. mentioned earlier. I always pay more than my minimum payment.

I told customer service that I was going to find a lender, borrow the money to pay off all my Citi accounts, close them, and if they ever contacted me again I would sue them for harrassment.

If you have a Citicard, run, don't walk, get your card, cut it up, and find a new company to deal with.

I pray every day to God that he arranges for Citicorp to go out of business. (I'm a Minister) and avenge what they are doing .

It is my hope that enough people read this and abandon them, they may wake up. I am also looking into the fact that the interest rate they are charging me is illegal in my state, and I may very well have a case... any lawyers out there want to take the case please contact me.

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  • Le
      12th of May, 2008
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    Its all about greed

    citi card is matter if you make your payments on time or pay even more than your bill they find a way to screw you out of more money and get away with it..if everyone would just stop paying on there citi cards...maybe they would sit up and take this time the way the economy is does it really matter about your credit rating when they will just find a way to ruin it anyway...just seems like everyone is out to get you at this point...why not get them where it hurts..

  • Jo
      12th of May, 2008
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    You may get your wish. I saw an article today about the mortgage crisis and Citibank carries a lot more of the risky home debt than the other major financial institutions. Their greed; their mistake.
    I've had Citibank for a number of years and haven't experienced any problems yet, but I don't doubt they try to stick it to anyone when they think they can get away with it. Going from the regular rate to the default rate for a single 1 day late is simply abusive and I would cancel any credit line I had with such a company.
    As for asking God to place a pox upon The House of Citibank, good luck with that.

  • Re
      5th of Jul, 2008
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    Citi send us a statement after several years of not using their card stating we had a $20 credit. After receiving this a second month, I used the card to make a $50 purchase and then received a bill for $55 with no mention of the previous two months credits of $20.
    I paid it and then received a bill for $71.30, paid that and am now receiving harassing phone calls and bills ranging from $17 to $47?!?!
    No reply to letters concerning this matter although I did get a letter telling me I must request a form to cancel this account. I did that, got the form, mailed it in and the bills still continue to come with phone calls.

    I found the follwing comment on another board concerning Citi Card:
    2008-04-13 02:21 am UTC
    As an ex employee of Citibanks credit card division in South Dakota, I can tell you, we routinely sat on card payments for several days just to make them late. They would sit for sometimes 7-10 days in our payment facility just so we could triple your interest rate and charge you an insane late fee. I was terminated shortly after I wrote the South Dakota Attorney General's office reporting this illegal practice.


  • Jl
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    my husband paid the amount his citicard statement said he owed that month on time. then he was contacted before his next statement even came. they said his rate was raised that he didnt pay the amount owed so they charged him a late fee and made his apr sky high! and what is with alot of the credit card companys raising rates on people that pay there bills. I have NEVER made a late payment. 2 of my credit cards APR went up.

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