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Citi Aadvantage World Master Card / 0% and balance transfer for new customers

1 Tyler, TX, United States

I have been a citi AAdvantage MasterCard holder for over 10 years. Until July 2009, the card would be paid in full 90%, and within 3 months 100% time. In July 2009, I was asked by a family member to cash advance a substantial amount of money with them agreeing to make monthly payments, including interest. I have excellent credit, and had no problem getting my first cash advance. I have continued to pay my recent purchases in full each month and the family member continues to make monthly payments of a minimum of $1000. In January, it appeared that the balance wasnt really changing much because the interest rate was in the area of 23% and I found out after numerous calls that my check went to recent purchases, but that his check went to recent purchases that were not on the billing statement yet (I had purchased a home in November and had several recent purchases; i.e. flooring, plumbing, painting, furnace). After numerous calls to citi complaining about this, it was explained to me that in fine print on something they mailed with a privacy policy that I should know that cash advance payments were to be mailed to another address. I was furious, but did as I was told. The following month, the balance still had not changed and I was told that in addition to a separate mailing address for advances that the cash advance payment needed to include in the memo with the account number "cash advance payment" and above the family member's signature should be a capital C. RIDICULOUS. Amazingly, the balance began to decrease. I began to hear alot about citi's questionable policies on the news and started thinking about getting a 0% balance transfer card so that this could be paid off in half the time. While I was shopping cards on the internet, I saw that citi was offering 0% for 12 months on balance transfers. So while I made my monthly irate call to them to get the "payment address for cash advances" I questioned them about getting the 0% since I am an existing customer that pays promptly, considerably more than the requested amount, and not a risky customer which they did agree with HOWEVER they could not extend the offer to existing customers.

I used to keep a very positive attitude and felt truly blessed about my situation but the people at that financial institution talk to the "good no risk customers" very insulting and untrusting. They refuse to allow me to talk to a customer complaint representative when I call in and don't seem to be concerned that I will be taking my business elsewhere. My heart goes out to the people that have hit hard times that are just trying to work with their debtors. I stay in a bad mood because of their bailouts and screwing the public while taking money from the government and continuing to find ways to keep people making interest only payments because of misapplications. I would like to know what I can do to cause them further hardship from the Obama Administration.


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