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Harrasing phone calls copier is not working right and they ignore my letters as to sending someone to either fix the copier or exchange for another one that does work. Instead they lied and tricked me saying i leased it and i need to pay for it and i have since November then i chose not too because i do not use it if it is not working properly why should i pay for something that i do not use nor is it working.?


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      Feb 09, 2009
    CIT - Mortgage
    The CIT Group/Consumer Finance
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    In the fall 2008, my mortgage company contacted me that I was behind in payments. I had been paying my mortgage monthly, but in the end of 2007, I ran into financial problems and missed two payments. I had been paying on time for 9months when CIT contacted me to get the 2 months caught up. I agreed to pay $500 more a month.
    Today, I recieved my February payment back with a note saying that I had to get caught up in 30 days or they are going to foreclose.
    I called and was told that they didn't recieve my check...although they returned it to me stapled to their letterhead.
    Its like they don't want me to pay and they want to foreclose. Why are they taking a paying customer and doing this to them.

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      Feb 11, 2009

    Based on the information you shared, I believe that you had every intention on clearing this up, but the customer service agent may not have gotten you to the right people to help you. After bring 2 months behind the agent should have transferred you to the Loss Mitigation department for loan modification or to set up a payment plan to get you up to date. This cannot not be done properly by the customer service agent because they do not have the training or the proper paperwork to handle this issue. Call back and ask for the Loss Mitigation department and let them help you. I would suggest requesting a full history statement be sent to you before calling so you can see the history of transactions on your account if you feel you have time for that.

    As for the payment being sent back to you and not applied. Many service companies do not take partial payments, only a full monthly payment so the 500 dollars looked to the cashiering department like a partial payment. Your account was not flagged by the Loss Mit department and so to cashiering there are no arrangements. Because they could not apply this payment to the account, the only option is to send it back. If your payments were up to date, the 500 may have defaulted to a principal only payment.

    Hope this helps

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  • Relax and dont worry its just a mistake on thier behalf. They have a complete record on everytime you have spoke to them . Ask them to check the notes on your account also ..
    But they should have put you into a forebarance agreement to get you caught up from the 2 months that you missed:)

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      Oct 15, 2009

    i am also very unhappy with Konica Minolta.
    Now we are using Xerox.
    The quality is very good now.
    Also, customer service is much much better than KM.

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      Oct 28, 2009

    With regards to the first complaint, it only makes sense to go through any contract with a fine toothed comb before agreeing to it. If you were given a raw deal, despite actually doing this, then sorry to hear that. Bottom line though: you need to analyze every little detail contained in a contract and don't hesitate to ask questions.

    With regards to the other complaint, when you refer to the 'quality', are you speaking about the service or the actual print quality you are getting from machine? Just thought I'd ask.


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