Cirrus Asset ManagementUnlivable conditions!

Hi, I live in the Royale Sherman Apartments in North Hollywood apt. 219. I would like to speak to the owner of this property in regards to the INHABITABLE condition of the grounds, some residences of this building, and the foul management personnel. 1. We are all awakened at 7am by the lovely sound of jackhammers, 2. Our water is filthy, 3. Many tenants have experienced no gas or hot water for days on end, 4. There are vermin and insects being chased into our homes by the construction, 5. The workers recently added a bunch of nice holes in my ceiling by pounding nails all morning and waking me up. 6. I work at night and need to sleep during the day, and cannot because of the constant building vibrations and construction work. 7. The management is LEGALLY required to put us up in a different property during construction of this magnitude, or allow us to break our leases, and provide us with financial relocation assistance ($15, 000 for tenants of less than 3 years, and $17, 000 for tenants of more than 3 years.) Again, this is REQUIRED BY LAW. 8.See Top 10 Worst Companies in North Hollywood, CAAlso the management is required BY LAW to provide each tenant with a copy of the Tenant Habitability Plan, and explain in full detail the extent of the renovations to take place, however the management has continuously refused to provide a us with the Tenant Habitability Plan. 9. We are paying for amenities that we are no longer receiving (ie. pool, courtyards, easy access, fair parking, clean air and water to name a few. We have been having tenant meetings with great turnouts, and are combining our forces to protect our rights as tenants, and citizens of the city of Los Angeles, the state of California, and the United States. If you read California Civil Code section 1941, you will see that the conditions of the grounds and some of the apartments do NOT nearly qualify as HABITABLE. Have a looksie and you will find the management guilty of several severe infractions on state and city civil code. 10. In addition, the management has insulted our integrity, intelligence, and our character by calling the police on us while we were simply trying to explain some of their infractions in person. Upon the police's arrival, they informed us that we are well within our rights to pursue this matter in a correct and lawful manner, and that we had done, and are doing nothing wrong, and were indeed very much in the right. To summarize, we, as tenants and citizens are being wronged, but we will stop at nothing to right it.


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