Ciro's Umberto / Stay away from Ciro's Umberto

Oh dear, in these tough times can you really afford to loose customers due to bad management. We went to Ciros last night and sat down at one of their picnic style tables and found that the tables had recently been varnished and the varnish came off on our clothes. We complained to the waiter and he moved us to another table. This all happened in full view of one of the ownersmanager and we waited in vain for someone to come and apologise, especially as our clothes are ruined. After we complained the waiters ran around wiping the tables and bringing new chairs and tables cloths. Too little too late. I was thinking about phoning them today but if they couldn't be bothered to talk to us last night what is the point. Where was our apology? It's not nice to be ignored! Well, you have lost loyal customers.

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