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Circuit City - Photoshare Portable Digital Photo / Product and the way it works are being blatantly misrepresented by its packaging design!

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I recently bought two PhotoShare Portable Digital Photo Albums for my family from Circuit City.

I was told by the Circuit City associate that you download photos from your camera's memory card or computer into the album and that the album holds 1000s of images. Great idea!

When I opened the package to download images, I found this not to be true. It only runs images off your existing memory card or a memory card you buy for the album. The packaging the manufacture designed does not mention this. As a matter of fact, the manufacture goes out of it way not to describe how the album actually works on its packaging.

I called the manufacture this morning and one of their Customer Service Representatives told me that they have received a number of complaints regarding this same issue and their Management is ignoring the calls they have been receiving.

This product and the way it works are being blatantly misrepresented by its packaging design. Causing the consumer to spend additional money ($75.00 or more) on memory cards which is represented to be part of the product.

I have always trusted Circuit City Associates for knowledge of its products and carrying products that were a good value for the consumer. The PhotoShare Portable Digital Photo Album by Photoco Inc. is not a good value for the customer. Photoco Inc. misrepresented its product; they do not react to consumer complaints and apparently could care less if Circuit City Associates are misrepresenting the product to their customers.

Photoco also told me that they are producing this product for Circuit City and they should know how it works. This may be passing the buck but I'm not sure. After all, the product comes with an insert directing customers to for batteries.


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