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Circuit City & City Advantage / Pictures are worth a thousand words

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I just sent my second letter of complaint to the NYS Attorney General. I filed a complaint against Circuit City and City Assure (aka: City Advantage, aka: Assurant Solutions). I received a reply from the Attorney General with copies of City Assure's reply to his office. Ms. Moore is the Executive Response Manager of Assurant Solutions, aka: City Assure, aka: City Advantage. I find it interesting that suddenly there are so many different names. Anyway, Ms. Moore convenently has no record of any complaints concerning my computer before 2004.

Ms. Moore stated in her letter to the Attorney General's office that no one said there was something wrong with my computer. According to her the only reason they had me send it in, was because I was getting extremely upset. Why wouldn't I get upset? I have been jerked around for THREE years and if she doesn't want to count 2003, then I have been jerked around for TWO years.

Ms. Moore also brought out a fact that time lapsed in between complaints. Well, City Advantage first blamed the problems on AOL. I wasted phone call after phone to AOL to solve a problem that wasn't theirs. I went time an time again and got new AOL software because City Advantage would also blame it on AOL's software.

When it was finally proved that AOL was not the problem, City Advantage started to blame the problems on Verizon, my phone company. I called Verizon several times and they investigated the situation over and over again. Each and every time, Verizon said there was nothing wrong with my phone line.

Also, my husband purchased a computer and he had none of the problems I was having. He could go online (dial up) for hours at a time without a problem. When I told this to City Advantage, they said NOTHING. No reply. I was ignored.

Ms. Moore sent the Attorney General a copy of my 4/3/06 repair. I found it interesting that on their report they said the keyboard was bent. I was never told anything about my keyboard being bent. Wouldn't a bend keyboard possibly indicate abuse and void the contract? The computer came back with more problems than it went in with. Now, I had a problem with the monitor and the power button. It went back for a second time.

On May 9th, 2006, the day before I sent the computer back in for repair, I decided to take pictures of my computer because after sending it in for repair the first time, it came back with new problems. That turned out to be a very smart decision, and fortunately, I had also emailed Circuit city that I would be taking pictures because the computer came back with more problems.

The report dated 5/10/06 doesn't say anything more than what I wrote on the worksheet. I did call City Advantage and was told that the monitor was replaced and that there was "nothing" wrong with the power button.

Here comes the best part. Ms. Moore, in her letter, states that the service provider noted the condition of my computer as having "scratches and blemishes on top cover and bottom base, LCD dirty, scratches and blemishes on LCD screen, keyboard and palmrest worn, keyboard bent in.

I sent the Attorney General the pictures taken on May 9th, date stamped May 9th. I sent the Attorney General two copies of the pictures, so that he could send a copy to Ms. Moore. There are NO scratches or blemishes on the monitor or top cover. The LCD screen is CLEAN and in good condition with NO scratches even though there was a problem with it. The keyboard is not bent in. The palmrest (touch pad) was a little worn, but in good condition. The pictures I took were taken with "micro" setting so any scratches or blemishes would show up in the pictures. There aren't any, BUT, there are scratches on the bottom since the notebook was returned after May 10th.

Ms. Moore also sent a copy of the "lemon policy" and "requirement" clause. The requirement clause says that the customer must "cooperate" with the service provider, technicians, and authorized servicers. She brought out in her letter that I refused to sent the computer back or talk to her technician. I believe she is trying to claim that I have been uncooperative.

Fact, I called AOL more than once because City Advantage said it was an AOL problem and obtained several AOL CDs. Fact, I called Verizon more than once because City Advantage said it was a phone line problem. Fact, I have restored the computer over and over and over again at the request of City Advantage's service technician. This has all gone on over a period of three years. I think I have been more than cooperative.

Last, why would I want to keep sending the computer in for repairs when it is keeps coming back with more problems? After the last May 10th repair, the computer came back with scratches on the bottom where the hard drive or ram goes. The space bar sticks. It did not have scratches on it on May 9th and the space bar did not stick before it was sent back in for repair.

My suggestion to anyone who is having problems with Circuit City, City Advantage, City Assure, Assurant Solutions to write a complaint to your Attorney General's office and take PICTURES of your computer or product. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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  • Jo
      13th of Oct, 2008
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  • Al
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Good Call. I am having the same issue with their physical damage claims, but they fail to produce photographs. Had my service denied twice what they are claiming as physical damage is nothing more than a cosmetic issue unrelated to motherboard not operating. Toshiba authorized tech has confirmed this.

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