Circle K Stores / professionalism and discrimination

El Paso, TX, United States

Circle K 2706333
Order # 983650
4:52:50 AM

I went into this store at 4:52:50am today 10/28/17 wanting to buy 2 packs of regular camels in a box. The person there (with a red shirt) got me a pair of camels crush (black pkg) and charged me for them. I looked at the cigarettes I told him that those were NOT what I wanted and got mad and told me I should've told him before charging me. I said I asked him for the regular beige boxes and after the way he was talking to me I said I would not argue with him, and to please sell me what I asked for and HE SAID NO! and asked me to leave the store and that he wasn't going to sell anything to me. Before I left the store I recommended him to look for another job if he wasn't made to deal with customers. This [censor] SHOULD NOT BE IN A CUSTOMER SERVICE POSITION!!
My husband had to go inside the store to buy his cigarettes and of course he did not do the same with him.
This is NOT right! And I'm taking this matter very seriously. I was denied a service I was paying for. I was embarrassed in front of other customers. I was discriminated and this is something I'm not taking lightly.

Circle K Stores

Oct 28, 2017

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