CIP International Inc. / Lying cheats

1 United States

They are lying cheats. 1994 they wanted me to reverse engineer a patented process called vacufom branding. they said when they go public they would make me a partner. 1975 they called the company CIP. 1990 they called the company CIP Style. 1995 they went public and called the company CIP International Inc. and didn't pay a dime.they even told me they were going too fire me. 2005 i was a monopoly and walked away. they almost went under and had to layoff alot op people 2008 i told the FBI about how they committed trade secret theft.FBI told i should get a lawyer but whats the point in making a lawyer rich.they would fight me in court with all the millions that they owe me. If there are any lawyers out there that would take my case for free let me no.


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