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I am a small man and work hard to earn my livings. While working with this company I was commissioned to do a project by Cintara Corporation last year. The gentlemen who offered the project were both senior managers, including one corporate officer. I completed the project on time and apparently to everyone's satisfaction. When I submitted my invoice I received no payment. Subsequently, I have placed several phone calls, sent several emails and did all I could to facilitate payment. I was more than patient, trying for a couple of months, before I hired a CA lawyer to correspond with them. To no one's surprise, no response. The CEO, told me over the phone that the project was not approved by her, thus she had no intention of paying my invoice. Naturally, this information was never conveyed to me by anyone at Cintara. Assuming she deigned to read the lawyer's letter, I am sure she assumes that a man from Illinois is not going to travel to California to sue a corporation, and she's right. I'd spend more money traveling than I stand to collect. I am concerned that others who use your website might look at Cintara for marketing services work and be unaware of Cintara's bad faith bargaining, theft of services and fraud. I believe they should be warned.

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      Mar 13, 2011

    Exactly my experience with this company. I was commissioned to do a project by a corporate officer, completed the project on time and apparently to everyone's satisfaction, and was never paid. The CEO also told me that the project was never approved. How could I have known that? I proceeded in good faith and assumed I'd receive the agreed upon fee. Domesto's post could have been written by me. Consultants, potential customers: Beware of Cintara's fraudulent business practices. They obviously live on the efforts of consultants who are geographically distant and cannot fund lawsuits in California. Never again will I be defrauded by Cintara.

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