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Cingular / AT&T / bogus data transfer charges!

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I recently went to Cabo San Lucas as I do several times per year, when I returned I received my bill from Cingular-now AT & T where there were charges in the amount exceeding 5,900.00 dollars for DATA Transfers. I did NOT ever commit to data transfers while in Mexico and have sent several letters to AT &T as well as the Collection Agency - Southwest out of Texas. They have continually hounded me as well as ruined my credit. There was a particular day that a data charge in excess of 1,000 was billed. The amount of Data would be enough to fill the Nixon library. It is amazing how AT & T is gouging the public and charging people for unjust usage. I told them they must have a problem with the tower in Mexico and was told that it is a true charge and that I must pay it or have my credit ruined. Well, I will take the latter of the 2 and have my credit affected.

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      7th of Nov, 2007
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    Cingular / AT&T - Just where is anywhere?
    United States

    I signed up with Cingular in January 2001. I have had the service since then. I've never really had a problem that I couldn't resolve by calling them. That is until the merger with AT&T.

    I signed my newest contract with Cingular on June 28, 2006. I had great service as always . . . and then AT&T happened. The service has gotten continuously worse since June 2007. I have a family plan, so it's $350 to end my contract before June 28, 2008. :( I did not sign a contract with AT&T. I did not agree to their merger. But I am stuck with garbage sometimes service until next June.

    Since June, I have lost calls while sitting still on my living room couch (never an issue before). I have lost calls driving down roads where I've never had a problem. I have called every month and they assure me that nothing has changed but the name. Their commercials say "Fewest dropped calls anywhere" Apparently Anywhere is NOT in the state of Delaware. Customer service has told me that it's because radio waves travel in a straight line and the mountains must be blocking the signal.

    Mountains? Have you ever been to Delaware? Specifically southern Delaware where the highest point is like 10 feet above sea level?

    In the process of going through this I've realized that I have been being charged for a game on my husband's phone that he cancelled 6 months ago. They credit it one month and charge us again the next.

    Customer service is a joke. Half of the people we have talked too have just been flat out rude and basically said either pay the $350 to leave us or shut up and deal with the garbage service. They keep saying it's my phone. They agreed to give me a discount on a new phone without signing a new contract. When I got to the store, I was told congratulations on my new 2 year contract. The phone was immediately returned and my old contract restored. I have a Nokia, my husband has a Motorola, a friend has a Samsung -- all the phones have the same issues in the same places.

    I could go on and on, but I've ranted long enough and no one at AT&T seems to care anyway.

    I loved Cingular before. I am just so sorry that AT&T had to ruin them. My birthday is June 28 and my present next year will definitely be a new cell phone company.

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