Cincinnati Insurance Companyno settlement yet

My car was totaled and I was injured in an accident where 2 wheels from a tractor trailer came off, one hitting me after traveling across the medial strip at 75 mph. This accident happened 1/4/08. The insurance company for the commercial trucking company is Cincinnati Insurance. I hired an attorney in Topeka, KS, as this is the state where the home office of the trucker is located. To date, there is in excess of $29, 900 in medical bills, a loss of my car and purchase of one costing $3000 more (and 2 years older with 25, 000 more miles on it), out-of-pocket expenses topping a few thousand, and projectrrd future medical expenses of $59, 000. The insurance company made an offer of $39, 000, which I rejected. That was in May, 2009. So far, they've made no response to our counter-offer, nor have they kept appointments, returned calls to my attorney or agreed to the date set up for mediation. Well, actually, that's not true ...they DID agree to Nov 5, 2009, and when everything was set up with attorneys, the mediator, and me planning to fly to Wichita, KS, they have now cancelled their attendance. The statute of limitations is quickly approaching. I know this is a game with them frustrate me so I'll accept a ridiculous amount at the very last minute. I was an innocent victim just traveling down a highway ...without any fault at all.


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