Cincinnati InsuranceScam

I bought Cicinnati Home Owners Insurance from a friend and a local agent here in Hartselle Alabama, at Peck-Glasscow insurance agency. My home burnt with a total loss on May 21, 2009, here it is September 14, 2009 not one penny has been paid not even living expenses. Once the home burnt my neighbor and agent did not even call me consider coming in in the middle of the night and finding your home in total ruin. Upon contacting the agent she sent the info to a insurance adjuster. That is when the sh-- hit the fan. The first words out of the adjusters mouth was how did the home burn? The local fir department determined nothing suspious of the fire as there had been several eletrical storms in the area at this time. Another home just the next street over burnt from a lightning strike the night before.

Any way my insurance agent was asked about portions of the insurance policy why certain things had not been done. The owner of the agency sent me a letter that said we do not interfere with on going investigations. I just wanted a clarifacation of my policy.

Now Cincinnatti Insurance wants a sworn statement I have had to hire an attorney to take care of this more money already out of my pocket. Yet they have paid nothing I do not recomend this company or Peck-Glasscow insurnce agency to any one.


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