CIMB Bank / assign car repo without any prior notice or call

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I'm here to to make a complaint about CIMB Bank, they assign car repo guy is like gangster & also like a illegal company attidtude.
The repo gangster try to tow my dad car @ my dad working place, when they reach there, they are shouting, make noisy at there. The place is the place to do business, why they attitude like a ALONg, are they legal or illegal ALONG ?
I try to call they center to check all this, but they say we are overdue for 3 months & say the repo GANGSTER already find us so no way can help us. Even i going to pay now, they also need to charges us RM500.00, are they try to looking money from us ?
When i told them i didn't received any notice, they say they already send out. So cant do anythings. But i didn't rceived notice or any call from them, they say they dont know, but the notice is already send out. NOw because of this repo GANGSTER attitude, my dad loose his job & on the day the shop also loss a lot business, so who want to bear this losses now ?
To be hoonest to CIMB CEO & management, we are VERY disappointed with your service provide by your bank. ARe your LEGAL BANK or ILLEGAL ALONG to collect debt ?

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  • Te
      Oct 27, 2014

    I concur that CIMB are the useless Bank in Malaysia to date, yes people said it's easy to get loan approval from CIMB but once you become their customer then you'll cry or you blood pressure shot to the sky, The " Customer service" will gave all sort of ### or will not pick up your calls if you're trying to negotiate matter regarding your loan. Avoid this Bank unless for the next twenty plus years of your loan tenure you'll pay the repayment promptly and not even two days of delay

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  • Tr
      Sep 30, 2015

    Experienced the same. Bank didn't even bother to call or send reminder or notice.
    REPO gang came into the condo, and explained that the car is now over due 2 months and 25 days.
    Legally they can repo after 2 months 21 days. 4 days in, and they send a repo?

    No calls. No nothing. Rang the bank. Rude banker.

    I explained that my salary was coming in in 3 days time and it was right after Raya Haji and asked for understanding.
    Banker said, "Nothing can be done if the repo has found you, we sent out the letter this morning after we SMS you."

    SUSPECT THE BANKER HAS COMMISSIONS FROM THE REPO GUYS. No integrity. Look into your staff.


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