CiCi's Pizza / quality and atmosphere

The pizza in Topeka, Ks. used to be pretty good. Remodeling a few years back ruined the whole atmosphere. The salad bar is right to the side of where you pay so if someone is at the register you can't get to the salad! Really stupid design. There used to be booths which were comfortable and offered some quiet space if there were noisy kids. They were taken out and the whole dining area is open now like a school lunch room! The noise travels everywhere and is always loud.

As for the pizza, the toppings are less and less each visit (which are very few now), cannot get taco pizza anymore, only a few choices during lunch and there used to be a pretty good variety but not any more. You can tell because there isn't near the people there like there used to be. If was a nice place to meet for lunch but not any more, we haven't been back to CiCi's since it's been going downhill.

Nov 01, 2016

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