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Church's / bad meat

1 8650 N. 56TH ST.Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 813-988-9210

Chicken was old, it was so hard I couldn't tear it appart, it was dry. They never really have anything u want. I can't understand why a company such as church's could alow themselves to treat their customers such as this. Selling dryed out meat. I feel like I was robbed. I asked for other item that they didn't have. This is ludercris. That's awful, u can't even go to a resturant, and get what your money pay for. Because of such situations.

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  • Er
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    Church's - Dirty place!
    Church's Chicken
    3807 Stan Schleuter Loop
    United States
    Phone: (254)618-5800

    I had not eaten at a Church's in a couple of years, because my past experience has been very greasy chicken. Today a co-worker said lets go eat chicken for lunch, so I said ok. We went to a new location on 3807 Stan Schleuter Loop in Killeen, TX 76549, (254)618-5800 store #10276. Our first impression was not good at all, our instinct was to turn around and walk back out. The floors were dirty, the tables were still sitting on top, paper/garbage on the floor. My friend ordered a 3 piece mix, then I ordered a 2 piece white. When I ordered mine they said that there was no white meat, something that they didn't even inform my friend about. At this point they opted to give us an extra piece to make up for the no white meat available (actually they had not taken time to fry, because all of the sudden they said it would take 10 minutes). The chicken was very greasy... my friends dripped like crazy. The service was ok... when we sat to eat we could hear all their conversation... one female asked the other if she informed the person in the drive-thru that there was no white chicken for their 3 piece mix, the other female responded with a Sssshhh (like don't tell). The manager was helping to make biscuits or some other item. My friend asked for a box to take something to go... the manager just handed it over without saying a word (attitude), he said thank you and got not reply... she just turned around and went back to doing her biscuits, or whatever she was making. Our first instinct should have been the right one... We should have walked out. There were 4 people working and only the two of us, this was at 1:28:56 pm on Tues Jan 22, 08. I think the manager should look at the nasty establishment and think of the first impression that people will have... I usually will leave if it is as dirty as this place was. Very bad for a new establishment... my friend said he will never eat at Church's again... and as for me, I should of went with my first...

  • Me
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Church's - Bad Services
    Church's chicken
    1322 East Lamar St.
    United States
    Phone: 229-9242625

    For the past three or four months that I have visited church's chicken in americus, georgia, the service has been horrible. I have had wait 30min in line for food then when you get to window they will have an attitude or it will be fifteen min on chicken or take your order and money then tell you to pull up and they will bring it out to you but not before you want 30 to 45 min, but tonight is the last draw. I will take my business and money else where. I work to hard for my money. I will be advise other consumers too.

  • Jo
      8th of May, 2008
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    Church's - bad restaurant
    Church's Chicken
    5410 Bessemer super Hwy
    United States
    Phone: 205-428-0832

    Everything was good the first three times i went to this restaurant drive-through except for the feeling i was being talked about because i was a white man. However the 4th, 5th, and 6th time werent so good. I am allways nice to people at any drive-through because i dont want them doing anything to my food. The fourth time i went there i asked for the same thing i allways get (one Spicy Chicken w/Cheese, for my girlfriend and one Double Spicy Chicken w/Cheese for me). They rudly replied "IM OUT OF CHICKEN PATTIES". The fifth time i went it was 9:40 the open light was still lit up and they said again RUDLY "WERE CLOSED", then served the car behind me. The last time was just about an hour ago. This will be the 6th and last time i will put up with this non-sense. I pull up to the drive-through and they say "order when you are ready" I say my order then they say "HOLD PLEASE". Finally she comes back and takes my order. Well i had to pull up and wait. Finally she comes out with my order, i say thank you and drive off. I get home and i have two single chicken w/cheese sandwiches and i was charged for a double and a single. I dont know if its lazyness, racist, or what the deal here is but i do know it will be the last time i go to Church's Chicken. There is a K.F.C. right down the road that gives me no hassle, gives me what i pay for, and is allways done right, and they are nice.

  • Fe
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    The service was not too good. They forget to include the items you ask and pay for. Had to go back and notify them. They were not too courteous about it . It seemed to me that I was the one who did something wrong. Also, the ads misreads itself. You ask for it and then, you find out that the drink is extra so you have to purchase it separate. the place is too crowded and it is a new one. It was my first time and believe me it will be my last one.

  • Me
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    I went to Church's to pick up some dinner tonight. The place was FILTHY and the person waiting on me put her dirty finger in my coleslaw. Needless to say, I did not want to eat it after she also was handling money!!! The chicken was inedible. They must have used an entire carton of salt in the batter. The potatoes were inedible - I don't know what they are using for "gravy" but it sure wasn't gravy. Just gawawful.

    They ought to close the place down!!!

  • Vi
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    Church's Fried Chicken
    10545 Harry Hines Blvd.,
    Dallas, TX 75220
    tel.: 214-351-2403

    I have made my last visit to the Church's listed above due to poor service and poor food quality.
    The food service personal usally can't even speak English, so placing an order is nearly impossible.
    The chicken more times than not is old and dry, and I'm sick of getting the spicy chicken when I've asked for the ori

  • Gr
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    Today, we have made my last visit to the Church's (Store#424) on the Wesley Chapel exit, off of I20. First, the manager and staff spoke ill of another customer. The conversation included vulgar language and, worst of all; it was exhibited in front of other customers. Second, the manager spent about five (5) minutes trying to convince me not to order the chicken because the product was not prepared. Also, it took them over thirty (30) minutes to complete my order.
    I ask that the Church’s leadership step in and fix this issue. It seems that the behavior is allowed by the franchise management. I complained about similar behavior on last year and it seems the quality of people is terrible. As a result, it is safe to assume that the product will follow.

    I would like some feedback referencing the changes in the customer service at this location. Otherwise, we will not visit other locations.
    All in all, the quality of the people is insulting and unsafe.

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