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Chubb Security appear to have ridiculously poor (to literally non existent) client management systems. My experience has been as follows:

I signed up for a 3 year monitoring and response contract (September 2013) which included an alarm system. I was informed that after 3 yrs (August 2016) the alarm system would be mine and that I would be charged a reduced amount for monitoring and response. What I was not informed of however is that Chubb would continue charging one the full amount if one did not specifically reach out to them via email and inform them of the lapse of the contract. Nor was I informed that one's emails (sent Oct 5 2016) would be ignored and one would need to contact them directly to ensure they view and process the request or continue to be charged the full amount.

The service agent also clarified that they "do not have a system to monitor client contracts" (sic) and that they simply keep charging the client the full amount until the client realises they are being exploited. They also see no problem with stealing from clients in this manner as they believe the contract signed allows them to do so. To top it off I will be charged the full amount again for Nov 2016 as they failed to process my request after following their instructions.

Surely a multinational company cannot operate and abuse the interests of their clients in this manner. They refuse to reimburse any amounts drawn from the account and view the, aforementioned, reduction as a "potential" goodwill act. In other words they see no reason to reduce the amount debited and do so "only out of the goodness of their hearts" even though they clearly inform one of the reduced charge when signing up.
This is a company willfully exploiting its clients.

The only possible resolution here is for Chubb to reimburse all amounts above the basic monitoring and response debit withdrawals for the month post contract lapse and for Chubb to be forced to put in place basic client contract management systems to prevent them (illegally) exploiting clients.

Nov 02, 2016

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