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Chrome Media / Fraud

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

This company aka Dotcom Chrome aka .Com Chrome and G Media. The addresses on Companies House are non-existant. Jamie Macdougal aka Jamie Harris married to Sheena lives in Timperley, Altrincham. Zac Leonard lives in Alderly Edge married to Emma Harris Jamies sister aka Emma Leonard. Absolute rip off. I am a Private Investigator and I am going to rip this company apart. Sales office address is 56 Princess Street, Manchester facing Canal Street. The other office is still Marsland House in Sale M33 3AQ. Yasmin Leonard is sister of Zac who works in Sale. Ryan Leonard brother also works in Sale. Jamie provides staff with cocaine on a Friday and is having numourous affairs with staff including a member of my staff who was planted and has recorded every thing what goes on in that business. Kate Tripp I warned you you were in too deep. This is for all those whom JAMIE has threatened with his NEGATIVE PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN. He drives around in his black big Merc. He is 5ft tall. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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  • Ca
      19th of Jan, 2011
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    I was interested to see what you had written, as this company approached us last year and we signed up with them, but decided to cancel our arrangement. This was done within the initial one month period (as stated in their terms) and thus sufficient notice was given to cease their 'services' immediately.

    They then took a further payment from us, citing the fact we had not cancelled 'in accordance with their terms.' We had (as their terms) cancelled in writing (by e-mail, such was then printed off and posted). They do not acknowledge receipt by post however. I maintain that the e-mail, being a written missive, which they responded to and made comment upon, was an acknowledgement of receipt of our wish to cancel and they were of course, at liberty to forward such on to another 'department' within their company. Given that they do mostly all of their trade via the telephone and e-mails, it seems peculiar that they have chosen not to accept an e-mail, as a 'written' confirmation of our intent.

    There have been a succession of unpleasant e-mails re. the above matter, but I expect that upon discovery of the fact that we had stopped them taking further sums from us illegally, they have in summary, threatened to now pass the collection of our 'arrears' to a debt collection agency and also to commence (as you have stated above) 'a negative publicity campaign.' They are an altogether unpleasant crowd and seem to run a rather shoddy and unprofessional set-up, judged from the tone of their communications (including appalling spelling and grammar). It is also difficult for one to hear them properly when they call you, such is the quality of their telephone system and every time I have tried to transfer one of their calls to another party, we are cut off.

    It would be of interest to hear from anyone else who has had experience of them.

    Many thanks

  • Br
      25th of Jan, 2011
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    Chrome Media - Provide no media
    Chrome Media
    United States

    I was contacted by phone by Chrome Media in the UK.

    They offered me a deal to promote my business using key phrases to get my

    business to appear on the first page of Google search results.

    I was charged $260 for the month on my VISA.

    With the assurance that I could send a letter to cancel at any time.

    Within the next couple of days I recieved a contract from them outlining

    a 3 month program, which I did not agree to.

    There are no invoices, or contact phone numbers.

    All communication has to be done by Email or written mail.

    Upon doing my own search on Google, there was nothing to be found about my business at all.

    So, about 3 weeks into my first month I send them a cancellation letter.

    When I recieved my visa statement I found that they had charged me $260 for another month.

    I had the charges reversed immediately and was ensured that no more charges would occur from that source.

    A month later upon reading my VISA statement I find another $260 charge,

    but coming from a slightly different source than before.

    I lose it !!!

    I immediately Email (the only choice) Chrome Media once again to rectify the problem.

    They claim (2 months later) that they just got my cancellation letter and I still owe them for the 2 months of alleged service.

    After numerous heated Emails, she finally forewards me a phone number for their customer service department.

    Guess what ?

    a bogus number that will never go thru.

    I am still at this time trying to get to the bottom of things and am still unsure where it will end up.


    Do NOT get involved with CHROME MEDIA

  • Se
      14th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Unfortunately I have found your posts a few days too late. They reached me in Australia, told me a slew of lies about their services, such as where I would be placed on Google's front page, how often I would show up there, how professionally written their descriptions are, how well other people's campaigns are going, and more. I blame myself for believing them, and suspending my suspicion.

    It's been only a few days but I know in my gut I've been scammed. Now I've researched them and found many others who have had the same experience.

    I've written them a couple emails, called my Credit Card company, and will begin reporting them everywhere I can.

    If these guys call you, do NOT sign up with them. They don't care if you can't pay your own rent, they just want your money, in exchange for lies.

    Thank you.

  • Te
      22nd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    Chrome Media - No service provided
    Chrome Media

    Chrome Media are a FRAUD and SCAM!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
    Look at the email I was sent when I requested my money back and I advised them that I will charge back from my card from Jamie!

    If you charge back this valid payment we will run a competitor ambush campaign against your website. 300 blogs will be written and promoted under your company name advising local clients not to use your services.

    We will also drop flyers in your community with a picture of you on, your home address and your contact details advising everybody some very concerning things about you. Do not even attempt to steal from us or give out attitude in this manner. You're playing with fire. You're not due a refund, you will be showed the work which has been completed and when you provide ftp details the onsite seo will commence

    Mark my words, if you chargeback valid payments and steal from us, your life will become unbearable. You will need to change your phone number, your email address and your postal address ( and it won't just be us emailing you or calling you, it will be thousands of websites and directories online that are furnished with your contact details, all at the click of a button )

    Your not due a refund, steal from us and we will ruin you

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