Christy Blackburn / Unfulfilled orders

I have inquired about my orders for the last 6 mths and this is the same answer I always get. I pray someone can resolve this.
Me: I would like to check my order status. order # 360932 and 360935

Just a moment...

Ines: One moment while I look that up.

Me: thank you

Ines: We sincerely apologize for the delays. We have recently changed our procedure to create these custom products, which has caused some delays. Our recent promotions have increased our volume of orders we are processing as well. All of this has put some orders behind. We are currently working to get caught back up from all of this.
We are hoping to have delayed orders completed and shipped out soon.
Once your order has shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number to follow.
As a thank you gesture for your patience and understanding, we have upgraded your shipping so that your order will be delivered within 2-3 days of shipping. We will also be including a complimentary 8x10 voucher with your order when it is shipped.

Me: thank you. Is my order even processing yet?

Ines: Yes, your order is in production and we will do our best to complete your order and ship it out to you as soon as possible. Again, we do apologize.

Me: Can I get any type of guesstimate of when it might be done?

Ines: It has been difficult for us to accurately estimate production time, due to these unusual delays. We apologize for this.

We are hoping to be completely caught up in 4-6 weeks, but hopefully sooner.

Me: Can I just get a refund? This was purchased for our anniversary and it missed that. It doesn't look like it is going to make it for Christmas either. It has now been over 6 mths.

Ines: Please email your refund request to [protected] . Someone will respond to you once reviewed.
Please be advised that if your orders were purchased with vouchers they are only refundable for store credit.

Me: I did use vouchers, but I had to pay extra on 2 orders and shipping. The representatives have been very nice, but this has been a horrible experience.. I will just wait and I pray I don't have to get the BBB or an attorney involved. It is not that much money, but these are very important pictures. I pray you have a great day and I thank you for your help.

Ines: We are sorry for these unexpected delays in completing your order, we are working to catch up as soon as possible.

Nov 29, 2016

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