Christopher & Banks Huntsville Alabama / associate catlin

1 2801 South Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL, United States

This associate sits behind the counter talking on her phone, eating, and doesn't seem to care very much what people think about her. My mother, grandmother and myself were in this store a few days ago. Your associate was on her phone while she rang my grandmother out. It was very unprofessional. She is poorly dressed, and her badly dyed hair looked greasy. This is not a good personification of what your store should show. We shop there because it's the only one around, however, that was the last time I will go in. I will shop elsewhere or online. This is not the first time this has happened. You have other associates that represent themselves accordingly, Jackie and Virginia are always properly dressed and helpful. It's a sad state that the other girl appears to not care for the customer or herself. I'm ashamed to shop there when she is working. You really need to hire associates that can at least dress probably for their job. She has a lazy don't care attitude.

Jan 14, 2019

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