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1 Woodland Hills, CA, United States
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Christopher Allen Stallworth is a fraud and ponzi schemist who lives to defraud unsuspecting people out of their hard earned money. If you have any dealings with this individual or company, please run away quickly. His company pretends to offer credit repair by requesting that clients pay exhorbitant fees for similar services provided by other credit repair companies like Lexington Law but unlike other legitimate credit repair companies, he requires customers to pay upfront which is a violation of the Credit Repair Organization Act and he also leverages "piggybacking" - in which the entire credit history of an account is not only included in the primary cardholder's credit report and score, but also becomes part of the authorized user's report and score.

Once the unsuspecting customer has been added as an authorized user to an active credit card with positive payment history, the client receives a small boost to their credit score and believes that the service is working but in time discovers that not only could the company not deliver the necessary repair to permanently fix the score but leaves the customer in a worse position once the client is removed as an authorized user from the credit card account.

This company and it's owner is a scam artist and serial ponzi schemist.

Stay away from Christoper Allen Stallsworth as he is a habitual lier and ponzi thief.

Christoper Allen Stallworth

Christopher Allen Stallworth - California - Ponzi Scheme - Con Artist

Jun 11, 2017

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