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It is absolutely outrageous. The same happened to me today (08/06/2009). There is a membershipfee for the Christian Living Ministry of $19.99 along with $2.20 tax on my Verizon phone bill. I never had any contact with these people. My phone is in area code (310). Here is what I did. Call number [protected], find that number next to the billing statement. After being redirected twice you get to an operator from the "Ministry". Threaten them with legal actions, until they back down. They eventuelly promised that they will credit the money back within a week or so to Verizon and state it may take two Verizon billing cycles before it happens. (I wouldn't believe them). Since I didn't want to fork over any of the total amount of $22.19 to begin with, I called the Verizon Billing Department (for me it is [protected], yours may be different). They will "block" these crooks from placing another charge of $19.99 in the next billing cycle. Yet I still wanted to make sure, that if I didn't pay the $22.19 up front, that I was going to get hit with a late penalty fee from Verizon. To get that done I called [protected], it some complaint department at Verizon. What they can do for you is to postpone the payment of $22.19 for 90 days wihout being hit for late payment. This allows time enough time to make sure that this Christian Living Ministry indeed credits the $22.19 back and get to keep nothing as promised. I also plan to call Verizon before I pay this bill, to make sure, that all stuff I requested is listed on their computer for my account. This whole thing smells like a con job and my hunch is that Verizon is making some income along with these crooks. That is the shameful part of it. Unfortunately it took 1 +1/2 hours of my precious time to achieve nonpayment of even the first membership fee (I hope). Why is Verizon going along with this? Why are they taken over bill payment for somebody else. Banks do that not phone companies! If it happens to somebody fight them hard, threaten, threaten and threaten with legal actions. Good luck.

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  • Br
      Jun 25, 2009

    I order something on line and was supposed to be one charge only of $1.00 but instead I have gotten charged $19.95. WHAT IS THIS I 've never authotized this charge. I have called 5 different 800 numbers and i get no answered I want my money back since I did NOT authorized this.

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  • Wa
      Oct 20, 2009 - deceptive practices
    Christian Living Ministry
    United States

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