Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)online fraud germany - german email scammer christian gasper poses as allen martin/allan martin and disappeared with my $1997!

My online fraud report - I was scammed $1997 by christian gasper of germany for his done for you (dfy) internet business which was a complete fraud. the fraudster poses as allen martin from england and later allan martin from united states.

I purchased 2 of his done for you (dfy) business that promises $200/day and $400/day for $1997 but did not receive anything from the fraudster at all! this took place in october 2016.

I bank wired the money to him after he sent me a payoneer payment link with the name of christian gasper, whom he said was his business partner.

Account holder: christian gasper
Account number: 0633404
Swift: deutdedbmai
Iban: de58550700240063340400
Address: lahnstrasse 18, 65195 wiesbaden, germany

Well, I was naive enough to believe him! after realizing I was scammed a few weeks later when I did not hear back from allen, I did a google image search for "allen martin" and "christian gasper" and found the same face! I was shocked! I could still remember vividly that I could not sleep that night.

Ever since that online fraud, I have been following the german fraudster with other people who got scammed. I knew someone who got scammed $3997 by christian. we have a website dedicated to this german fraud case - and some of his emails sent can be found at

We have also reported him at various websites which can be found by online doing a google search on "allen martin scam".

Christian gasper is an experienced, devious and perpetual german fraudster who has been involved in numerous online frauds by posing as a different person for each new scam.

His online frauds in 2016 :

— [done for you (dfy) online business fraud:] —

Christian poses as allen martin from london. I first came across allen at the warrior forum I saw his online jobs advertisement, clicked on the link and was directed to his website (offline now). I signed up with my email address at his website, something which I thoroughly regretted! he started sending me emails about his done for you (dfy) business.

I messaged him on fb
Https:// (not available now) and he introduced his more expensive online business but with a higher income potential. he offered me a discount if I bought more. I was silly enough to believe him and bought his $200/day and $400/day business but allen took my hard-earned money and disappeared! all his websites and fb pages were gone! I did not hear anything from allen again!

— [sales funnel anatomy make money online fraud] —

In december 2016, I received about 30 emails from "allan martin" from new port richey in us. I checked with other people at they also received exactly the same emails from allan martin! we were very sure that christian gasper is posing as allan martin, preparing to scam the same group of people that he scammed before? can anybody get any worse than this?

Allan martin has his blog at his emails, he tried to push us to buy his sales funnel anatomy product which cost a few hundred bucks at and

Christian's 2017 internet fraud:

— [the funnel apprentice scam and one funnel scam] —

In march 2017, I started getting emails from a person called "john malcolm" from (offline now). again, other people who got scammed before also complaint they get the same emails from john so it must be christian gasper again! in the emails later on, he would urge us to buy his done for you (dfy) business again! that german fraudster? how low can he get?

Someone found out that christian was promoting his website (offline now) as "johnny west" at the warrior forum

Christian gasper later deleted (offline now) and set up a new website which is full of forged reviews of satisfied customer. christian gasper would push people who sign up to buy his done for you (dfy) $5000 and $7000 business again! he is getting bolder and scamming more money!

We reported him at /link removed/

— [ (offline now) scam] —

I was shocked when christian gasper sent an email admitting allen martin was christian gasper! he pleaded people who signed up to his websites to give him another chance. we were not convinced as he still appears hideous and cunning - he did not admit that he scammed us before, used unauthorised logo on his website and left a us based california address in his emails.

Christian only see his subscribers as money machine to fill up his bank accounts and we never know when he is going scam us again!

He gave up and erased all contents on (offline now) after 2 weeks.

— [[protected] scam] —

On 6th may 2017, I received another email from "allan martin". wow, christian gasper is going in full circle back to his "allan martin scam" again! this guy just never give up scamming people! mike at did some research and wrote the following:

1st scam – allen martin
2nd scam – allan martin
3rd scam – john malcolm, johnny west
4th scam – christian gasper
5th scam (now) – allan martin again!

After spending sometime browsing through the comments section, I have compiled the info below for “allan martin”:

Domain of allanmartin is registered in 2009. warrior forum account allanwm is also registered in 2009.

Conclusion: christian has been using the name “allan” before “allen”. scammers always create numerous faked aliases.

We have already submitted our scammed reports to fbi and actionfraud. police. uk, hoping that they would compile our reports and send them to the german police for the arrest of internet criminal christian gasper.

Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)
Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)
Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)
Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)
Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)
Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)
Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)

May 11, 2017

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