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It is a real disappointment to discover the company you have relied on for 20 years resorts to trickery and underhanded behavior. The only computers I have purchased has come from Dell. All my friends and business associates has heard me praise and refer to Dell. I am sorry to have to end that relationship but I have made my last purchase. If you are interested in knowing why read further otherwise just pitch it aside.
On Nov 10, 2017 I received a Dell Quote [protected] detailing as a computer that I wished to purchase on November 17, 2017 which would be marked down at that time according to a sales paper sent out by Dell. The item was a Inspiron Desktop being reduced from $649 to $379 on that day only. Email was sent by me the day before verifying that indeed that item would be sold to me at that price and if I wished I would be able to add on memory and a solid state drive. The potential sale though appearing to be way below cost would have in the end with the add on's been a good deal for Dell.
When I placed the call at the confirmed time I was told that the 7th Gen I 5core would not be sold to me, that in fact they would replace it with and I 3 and add on could not be sold. Obviously, a switch and bait scheme.
I went ahead and took the inferior offer, of course add on's were refused and hung up.
Unlike your company my word is my word and am not going to cancel the order, I am not going online and proclaim the matter.
But what I say is that you have lost a client, and I will refer no one else to you because I do not want to defend others if they are treated in the same manner.
Dr. Jerry Stettheimer

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From: JERRY STETTHEIMER [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2017 11:19 PM
To: Balan, Ankit
Subject: Black Friday Sale
I want to make sure that we are on the same page with our information, if not I want to know before I make the call at 10am tomorrow.
The quote is for a Dell Inspiron model 3668, with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 Processor, with windows 10 8gb memory, and 1 TB drive as shown on the ad for black Friday. Your quote is for $703, which will be marked down to $379.99 in the morning, is this correct?
Further can items be changed or added to this commuter, like more memory or a flash drive instead of the 1 TB drive and still maintain the base price plus the cost of the addons?

Dr. Jerry Stettheimer


‎Nov‎ ‎16 at ‎11‎:‎58‎ ‎AM
The cost of the computer in question will be $379.99 tomorrow, excluding taxes and the add-ons (if any )….
Ankit Balan
Inside Sales Representative I
Dell | Sales

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Nov 17, 2017

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