Chrisley & Company / Chrisley Asset Mgmt Company owes me $292.62 since Sept 2012

Chrisley Asset Mgmt company is an outsourcer for Fannie Mae foreclosure properties. I am a Real Estate Brokerage that Chrisley hired to list some of their Fannie Mae properties. As the Brokerage I am responsible for setting up and paying utilities for the property and submitting to Chrisley Asset Mgmt for reimbursement. Chrisley rule is you may only submit for reimbursements once the amount exceeds $250 or the property is sold. In my case my $$ amount exceeded $250 and the property is sold. They do tell you that there is a 45 to 60 day turn around time for reimbursements – well that time has passed.

I have contact my Asset Mgr who the 1st of November said that he saw that the reimbursement request was in the system but it takes 45 -60 days. I was happy to know that they had the reimbursement. But now the asset mgr will not return my calls – all numbers have been disconnected. I am not sure how to go about getting my money. I have heard other agents are having the same problem. I have entered the website of the main company below, of course that site doesn’t indicate a phone number.


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