Chris Phipps / Do not rent from her she is monster

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Chris Phipps, She seemed like a really nice person when I met her, but was I fooled. Do not rent from Chris Phipps, she is by far the worse landlord on the planet. Me and my husband has been renting from this crazy landlord for 2 years and have only missed one payment out of the 2 years of renting. Until April 1 2011 because my husband got down very sick. She sends me threatening emails and tell us we got to move out in 24 hours or, she will have us put out. She will make you pay the apartment managers water bill. She will have you sign a one year lease. The amount of rent in the lease is 450.00 each month. Then she will turn around and raise the rent on you. She raise the rent to 475.00 she claims that the water bill was to high . She is a liar and a cheat. She makes agreements with tenants and then fails to uphold them. She is very rude and condescending, particularly against tenants rights. Chris has come to my home and banging on my door and looking through my windows while my husband was naked. She fails to give property condition notices and then charges tenants for every possible little repair. She posted a fake Eviction Notice on my door and she sent me a fake Eviction Notice email. I took it to the court and showed the people and they told me that its not allowed and she would have to serve me with a 3 day Eviction Notice. Then if we don't leave in 3 days then she would have to file a Eviction. Then we would have to go to court then the judge would give us 10 to get out from the time we leave court. Then when the 10 day are up they told us that if we are not out in ten day the landlord would have to pay 575.00 more for the court to come out and ask us to leave the premises. 2 days later she finely posted a real 3 day Eviction Notice. This woman tried to extort money from my husband. She told him the rent is 600.00 month now. Chris Phipps was even going around tell people are business. and email my family, told her all kinds of lies. she was telling the trash man are personal business as well. Do not rent at this address 8907 North Dixie Drive, Dayton Ohio 45414. I hope the next tenants in Dayton. Ohio can see this post before renting this place. Are you will be sorry you did. Don't say I did not warn you.

Address: 8907 North Dixie Drive, Dayton Ohio 45414
This place is a dump. it was a garage at one time. she said
she don't make ### on this property. She is full of ###!


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