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Chris Pearce / Internet Fraud

1 New South Wales, Australia Review updated:

Chris Pearce Of Australia is A Con Artist And A Fraud !

He is a confidence man that needs to be exposed and I will post to all of the other sites like ComplaintBoard*com .

Do not get involved with Chris Pearce of Brisbane Australia. He has been running all of the internet trying to rope people into to has cash money making systems via email.

First you pay him $500.00 then he will put you on his email list with a circlular that he mails out that will generate thousands for you and the payments will flood your Paypal account with $20.00 bills. I fell for his trick and he ripped me off for $500.00. I have found at least 30 other people that have fallen for his scheme which by my calculations is around $15, 000.00 which goes way past Grand Larceny.

I have sent him email after email and his story is always the same. He Says ' Don't Worry Thing Will Start To Pick Up Soon'. He always has an excuse for EVERYTHING!

I can afford to lose $500.00 however most cannot. I only tried his deal to see if he could perform and deliver on what he said. Chris Pearce has been running multiple scams online since the beginning of this one which is the oldest scam on the internet.

Chris Pearce Of Brisbane Australia has been running at least 10 scam simultaneously preying on hundreds and stealing thousands.

So beware of Chris Pearce Of Brisbane Australia is quickly becoming a very big confidence man.

His newest is offering you a high dollar ticket item for cheap and then delivering a worthless peace of junk!

He also runs in the mlm arena and makes the claim that if you join his MLM Opportunity That He Will Build Your Team For You. I have seen at least 47 people saying that he promised them the world and then delivered nothing!

Chris Pearce, if you come accross this guy or any of his postings don't believe a word he says because he is the one starting all of these scams and then trying to keep his name clean.BUYER BEWARE !

Stay Away From Chris Pearce Of Brisbane Australia!

Just Keeping It Real !
The Billionaire

Las vegas, Nevada

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      10th of Jan, 2009
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    More on scam artist Todd Ash of Tucson, Arizona (Ash's post above is pure nonsense)

    I've just read Todd Ash's latest posts above, as Trident / Billionaire. I just laughed. What else can you do? I don't own a website and never have. All I did was join Todd Ash's paid to click site,, when I was dabbling in a bit of affiliate marketing. He didn't pay, so I complained, and Ash has come back with a whole heap of nonsense at various sites. If I did own a website, I certainly wouldn't be running MLMs or any other rip-off programs that Todd Ash seems to know a fair bit about. Where are the 30 people I have allegedly ripped off with one scheme and the 47 through some other scheme? If any of this were true, there would surely be some evidence somewhere (e.g. websites, dates, names, forum posts). As usual, Todd Ash provides no evidence to back up what he says. His stories are a complete fabrication. But this is his style. If someone complains that Todd Ash has ripped them off, he posts as a consumer saying he hasn't been ripped off himself, or he says the complainer has misused the site in some way, or he threatens legal action, or he makes up stories (see, for example, and /URL removed/, where Todd Ash posts as consumers Billionaire and Trident). Todd Ash tried the first three ways but that didn't work so he's now spinning stories about me ripping off a whole bunch of people. He's a joke. I think he's hell-bent on making his fortune from the web and I don't believe it's happening, so he's getting more and more frustrated, especially when people point out that he is a scammer.

    In contrast to the complete lack of evidence that I have ripped anyone off on the web (how could there be any evidence? I have no website and no web business), there is plenty of evidence that Todd Ash is ripping people off. I point to my lengthy post above Todd Ash's three posts (Trident is Todd Ash, as is Billionaire). Todd Ash has been saying since mid 2008 that advertisingandselling has been sold, at one stage saying it was sold for $5.5 million and that the sale was covered in Forbes (which it wasn't). I still don't believe it has been sold. If you go to www.whois, you'll find that, .net, etc are now registered under of 15111 N. Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona (rather than under Todd Ash's name and address). The way this works is that the owner of a website can have it registered in the name of Domains by Proxy, so that the owner's details aren't made public. I think Todd Ash has simply transferred the registration while retaining ownership. When you Google the Scottsdale address, you come up with all sorts of businesses, including many postings by people who seem to have been ripped off by some of them. It seems that Domains By Proxy could be a bit of a haunt for dodgy businesses and programs. Further, advertisingandselling is still for sale through godaddy for $50, 000, with the same blurb of Todd Ash's as before, but with a new end date of 2 April 2009 (see Earlier he was trying to sell it through eBay for various amounts in the millions. I don't believe anyone in their right mind will buy advertisingandselling for any amount of money - it's a scam and would be worth nothing (see the threads I cite in my first paragraph above).

    Todd Ash of Tucson, Arizona also runs a thing called Hydrogen Operated (see Whois still includes Todd Ash's details for this one. See for some interesting comments on the dodgy nature of the product itself; Todd Ash falsely represents himself as a consumer at that site too, as Billionaire and as I've had a close look at the site itself and make the following observations:

    - When you Google the phone number at the top of the home page (1 877 476 9172), you not only find that website, but also a whole bunch of other sites offering a reverse funnel system free phone consultation with Todd Ash, some of which include his home videos. Thus this business has no separate phone number, but shares one with an MLM related scheme of Ash's.

    - Scroll down and you see a photo of a nice factory or workshop. But somehow it doesn't look right. It looks like it's sitting on the back of a platform, with a background of virgin bush that just doesn't look real. The brickwork is fuzzy, yet the business name is quite clear. Also, the camera is not looking at that part of the building front-on but at an angle of perhaps about 45 degrees. The letters of the business name should therefore be much thinner in appearance at this angle. Thus it looks like the name has been added to the picture. The two trees either side of the front door don't look real either; their edges are too sharp and they're a funny unnatural shape. These may have been added in too.

    - There is some funny smudgy stuff around the Think Green sign too. "Think Green" is actually a registered trademark of an organisation called Waste Management (see Todd Ash might be committing trademark infringement here and may need to check this out.

    - The photo just below it, of the inside, shows two large doors next to each other that can only be at the back of the building, but the outside shot doesn't seem to show a way of getting round there; it may have been erased to allow for the bush background. Further the business name on the wall of the inside photo is clearly crooked, running downhill, and the pattern on the wall looks fuzzy around this area. Thus it looks like the name might have been added to this photo too.

    - What's more there's no address given for this building, and no address given anywhere on the website. A search of the Arizona Corporation Commission gives two addresses for Hydrogen Operated LLC: a residential one and an agent/physical address. Google Street View shows that the latter is in a busy commercial district in Tucson and is nothing like the website photo, so this must be an agent address. Thus no physical address is given anywhere. It's all quite deceptive. (By the way, Todd Ash is listed as a "member".)

    - Nor is there a name of a person on this site. "Todd Ash Inc." appears near the bottom of the privacy policy page, a name that isn't listed by the Arizona Corporation Commission and he may be using it illegally.

    - Most of the purchase agreement is the same as that of the Internet Law Compliance centre, word for word, and I'm checking with them to see that Todd Ash has sought and obtained permission to use it.

    - Todd Ash boasts of thousands of customers from over 90 countries (neither of which I can believe; I doubt he has sold more than 1 or 2 of these things). You have to order through Paypal and receive a kit in the mail. The whole thing just doesn't add up. I wonder if Todd Ash just buys these kits from somewhere and onsells them for a profit, all done from the back room at home.

    - Despite all this, Todd Ash has had the cheek to register with Honeste Online (see honesteonline They obviously don't check things out too well.

    Further, the site includes something called the 10x10x4 Marketing Method. I'd probably avoid it; I certainly wouldn't pay any money. This page also includes a link to Todd Ash's and also The site currently advertises a "State Of The Art Marketing Program That Will Blow The Doors Off Of The Internet Business Industry And Will Crush The Competition!" due to be released on 1 February 2009. I would regard this as dodgy but we'll see. Personally, I would steer clear of anything run by Todd Ash. He has proven himself to be a blatant scammer, incorrigible liar, nasty fellow, full of nonsense, and not very bright.

    I also suspect Todd Ash might have arranged for a whole pile of spam emails to be sent my way and I'm investigating this. (These come straight into my antispam folder, so they don't get in the way at all and are quick and easy to delete.)

    I look forward to the next hilarious post from Todd Ash. But before he posts again, he should perhaps keep in mind that he is the one trying to make a living from the web; I'm not. His crazy posts make no difference to me. Todd, get yourself a proper job!


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      16th of Jan, 2009
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    Hello Chris,

    Everything that you say in your report is pure conjecture and you have nothing to back any of it up !

    Do you not have anything else to do other than STALK this guy because that is what you are doing and it is a FEDERAL CRIME !

    I have been reading about your email scam ! You have got a lot of nerve!

    Why this guy has not sued your a@# off is beyond me.

    Chris Pearce you are a negative person and nobody likes a negative like you. I believe you are jealous of this man because you are not an internet success. You have wasted your time playing in Traffic Exchanges which you say Todd Ash owns and I am sure you have been in some others. Are you looking to make pennies online because thats what it sounds like to me. You want the big bucks however you cant have them. has been sold ! You don't get it do you. I hope the new owners of that website and Todd Ash sue you for everything you have. To me this is an open and shut case of slander and you are liable right now for $160, 000.00 for your slanderous remarks and your lack of evidence would make these people sure fire winners in court.

    Go and see who owns the site now before you get in any deeper!

    Do you have any proof that an actual cash transaction took place between you and this Ash fellow. If you cannot provide any evidence that such a transaction has taken place, you sir are a Flat Out Liar !

    Here is A Complaint About Chris Pearce and There Are many More !

    Todd Ash can take you to court, sue you and win ! You should keep this in mind. Americans are always ready to bring on a lawsuit. I am sure he has not wasted his time doing so because you don't have 2 nickels to rub together thats not to say he could not get a judgement on everything you own including you home!

    I have read your remarks about and Todd Ash is on that site and introduces himself as the founder not as a consumer !

    Can't wait to hear what your next "REPORT" has to say !Your reporting is very well thought out however it seems to be getting you nowhere! Keep Up The Exellent Stalking !


  • Ch
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    More on Todd Ash ...

    I wonder if Todd Ash of Tucson, Arizona will ever post as himself or just keep falsely representing himself as consumer Billionaire/Trident of Las Vegas (Todd Ash's alter ego?).

    Todd Ash (i.e. Billionaire/Trident) should be aware that there isn't much conjecture in my previous post and other posts elsewhere. The evidence against Todd Ash is abundant. He should perhaps reread my various posts, e.g. and /URL removed/ Offences could include fraud, slander, spamming with malicious intent, scamming, threatening behaviour, false representation, giving a false address, deceptive practices, trademark infringement, illegal use of a company name, and perhaps more. Most of the content of my current post has already been posted above or at other pages where Todd Ash has posted and has presumably read my posts. But I'm happy to reiterate - the more adverse comments on the web about Todd Ash, the better off the web community will be.

    Todd Ash should also be aware that I am the victim here and he is the offender. But it is quite common for a wrongdoer to go into denial and blame the victim. As I have stated a number of times, I paid a membership to Todd Ash's paid to click traffic site, It promises payment when a threshold is reached (which I did on three occasions). There was no payment. See the two web pages I mention in the previous paragraph for details of numerous emails I sent to Todd Ash chasing up three lots of payments (I still have all the emails) and also the handful of emails from Todd Ash saying checks have been mailed, etc (I have these too). (The payment processors had gone from the site by then, probably because they knew Todd Ash wasn't paying and they ditched him, and he had to resort to allegedly paying by check.) Nothing ever turned up. I raised the issue with the Better Business Bureau (who are still seeking basic business information from Todd Ash). Todd Ash responded with a false and bizarre story (see posts elsewhere) and that prompted me to take this issue further from time to time. There's no stalking on my part (exposing scams is hardly stalking). The only reason I continue to pursue the issue is due to Todd Ash's (i.e. Billionaire's/Trident's) fraudlent, slanderous stories and other nonsense in various posts. Am I supposed to just cop this, and if not I'm accused of an offence? Nice try Todd. It's quite possible that Todd Ash could be stalking though (a person, me, is allowed to report a scam without being subject to a string of fraudulent, slanderous, and threatening statements persistently being published by the scammer, Todd Ash).

    Other people weren't paid by Todd Ash's either. See for example: (I had to use the html version. Allbusiness says he reached the threshold and emailed 14 times before being told he was under investigation for using multiple accounts, which was one of the excuses Todd Ash used against me! Savvyinvestor says he reached the $350 threshold and his history was wiped out.) (where Brian T says he lost over $400) (see comments that it is a useless site, uses cheap/stolen software, and is very similar to other sites; when I was in it, it was a broken down site with many broken clicks, little support from Admin, and of course it didn't pay) (this site is dedicated to advertisingandselling, is headed "Fraud alert: warning you before you get scammed" and contains "Todd Ash scam info") (see comment from another person who wasn't paid) (see further negative comments from people) (includes several posts that indicate the site isn't paying; also includes a view that Ash is/was spamming)

    My sponsor at wasn't paid either and I have several emails from him too. He also reached the payout threshold three times.

    Then of course there are a number of Complaints Board pages and [redacted] pages with many adverse comments on Todd Ash.

    As I've stated elsewhere (on pages where Todd Ash has posted), I have proof of an actual cash transaction when I joined Todd Ash's advertisingandselling. I have an email dated 17 March 2006 from Stormpay with all the details of the transaction, including who was paid (advertisingandselling), the amount, and the transaction ID number. I have an email dated 18 March 2006 from Todd Ash's advertisingandselling confirming my membership and payment to him. The subject line of the email reads: "Deposit notification.", and the body reads: "Hello, A deposit in the amount of $84.00 has been made to your account and is readily available.Thank you for using our sevice. Thank You. Staff". [I should point out that the .com version became .net later in 2006.]

    Todd Ash has been saying since mid 2008 that he has sold advertisingandselling, sometimes saying it has been sold for millions. It has not been sold. Todd Ash still owns, .net, .biz, etc, though I bet he wishes he could divest himself of these sites. He has been trying to sell advertisingandselling for at least two and a half years. He was advertising it for sale on eBay for various amounts in the millions for quite some time; the highest amount I saw was $11.5 million. I advised eBay and soon after, by coincidence or otherwise, it disappeared from eBay. More recently, Todd Ash has been trying to sell advertisingandselling (all 11 sites) through Godaddy for $50, 000, again for quite some time, where the current end date is 2 April 2009 (see As I've already said in my previous post, Todd Ash's details are no longer listed at (and .net, etc). The registrant and administrative and technical contacts are now all listed as Domains by Proxy. The way this works is that the owner of a website can have it registered in the name of Domains by Proxy, so that the owner's details aren't made public (see Todd Ash has simply transferred the registration while retaining ownership (he's still trying to sell it!). (When you Google the Scottsdale address of Domains by Proxy, you come up with references to all sorts of businesses, including many postings by people who seem to have been ripped off by some of them. It seems that Domains By Proxy could be a bit of a haunt for dodgy businesses and programs.) Further, there are links to from and I was amused by Todd Ash's comment about wasting time playing in traffic exchanges in his post above, but then he has said in other posts that advertisingandselling, a major part of which is a traffic exchange, has been sold for millions.

    I'm glad that Todd Ash (i.e. Billionaire/Trident) has read about the alleged email scam - he wrote it! It is a fraudulent and slanderous statement that is completely false; I have no website and no web business. Todd Ash has invented this story as payback for me exposing his scams. As with all of Todd Ash's posts, there is no evidence - no names, no websites, no dates, nothing. Todd Ash accuses me of being negative - if exposing his scams is being negative, then so be it.

    Todd Ash keeps assuming I'm trying to make money out of the internet and have failed etc. As I have said a number of times, I joined Todd Ash's paid to click traffic site,, when I was dabbling in a bit of affiliate marketing in 2006. One of my backgrounds is in marketing and I was interested to see all the programs etc (even if virtually all of them are dodgy). I was briefly in a couple of other traffic sites.

    The only complaint about me on the web is a fraudulent, slanderous, completely false story written by Todd Ash (i.e. Bllionaire/Trident), which he has posted to a number of sites. He should be aware that he breaks the terms of service of the sites he posts to, i.e. making a false statement. He could be in trouble with the Ezine articles site too, which asks that an author is reported if they are suspected of any fraudulent practices. I can't imagine the likes of the Internet Complaint Center or the Federal Trade Commission or Honeste Online would be too impressed with Todd Ash either.

    As for Hydrogen Operated (, the phone number (877 476 9172) is the same one Todd Ash uses to offer a reverse funnel system (an MLM related scheme) phone consultation. Google the number and you'll see. There is no conjecture here. The outside shot of the factory/workshop is clearly one big cut and paste (see my post above). Perhaps Todd Ash could provide an address for this building so people can check it out on Google Street View and Satellite. If there's a workshop, why not offer installation to the perhaps three-quarters of the population who would prefer it (and increase sales and profit), instead of just offering a kit through the mail? "Think Green" is a registered trademark of Waste Management. See my other comments in my previous post and elsewhere. I can see no evidence on the site that this "business" isn't a scam. See also where about 10 people take Todd Ash to task over the product involved; he posts at this site as consumers Billionaire and

    Re Todd Ash being founder of Hydrogen Operated (I didn't say he was a consumer there; that's at the site, and of course at the Complaints Board and [redacted] sites), yes I recall reading this somewhere a while back. I've found it again at There seems to be two separate websites floating around with no links between them: this one and When I Google "Hydrogen Operated", the .com site is listed first but the .com/new site isn't in the first three pages. Todd Ash isn't mentioned in the .com version. Todd Ash Inc. is mentioned at, which doesn't now seem to link to or from either site. The whole thing is a mess.

    Todd Ash (i.e. Billionaire/Trident) has my email address (private information) from when I was in advertisingandselling and has been using it illegally. He has been arranging to send me, with malicious intent, a whole pile of spam emails, and this might have to be a police matter. It makes no difference that they come via other people; these people are merely innocent agents; Todd Ash is the spammer (with malicious intent). Around Christmas 2008 I suddenly started receiving far more spam emails than usual. Many of them are through a thing called FFA Network. Most involve various money making schemes and internet marketing stuff. I have kept a number of them, including those that include a false statement about me that Todd Ash used in a post to a number of sites. The statement seems to be the title of an ad submission he has made that he is spreading around various networks. He has also linked the statement to a website with my name as part of the website name, but no such site exists. See for example, the ad posted at I have asked them to remove it and have explained to them how and why it is there; it is/was under the "Personal" heading. There are other similar postings by Todd Ash. I have also responded to various other emails, explaining who is responsible for arranging this spam and why. I have deleted myself from some of the programs. Where there is no obvious opt-out, I have sent these to spam cop with a note as to who is responsible etc. For some of them, you have to sign in for registration to take place and I have generally ignored these or emailed them a note. The amount of these spam has now slowed to a trickle - 1 or 2 a day.


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