Chris jennings / Multiple items

1 Nova Scotia, Canada

I have an account (wish and geek) I have ordered a lot of items from both . All of a sudden my account us blocked . I don't know why . My account is under [protected] I can still order from my wish app but not my geek
I have items that have not shown up (very late) and something that is defective . Every time I go to customer support I get a screen saying something is wrong with my user account and asks me to send a photo of my credit card and statements. Which I have done about 20 times
Also had text conersations with about 50 different support reps and the all send me the same requests. Such as send statement and screenshots and "we don't understand your issue" send more information. I have sent everything that was asked and I'm still getting different support reps sending the same emails back . I am very very frustrated and

May 4, 2017

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