Chowking Bacoor Molino Blvd Branch / chili sauce charge and a metal object on halo-halo

Good day!
I and my mom dine to Chowking bacoor molino blvd brach around 11am today 05/29/18, we ordered (sweet and sour pork, pork chow toppings of fried dumplings, wanton soup, 2 ice tea and 2 reg halo-halo, I requested for a chili sauce but got surprised about a 5 peso charge, I verified the charge to the manager (jha) beside the crew and she did confirmed it and said it's been that way, I rebattle but did not engage to a long conversation, after we ate our main food we proceeded to our halo-halo, but to my mom's (71 yrs old) dismay a metal object was on her halo-halo, we called the attention of the same manager, showing her the object, she made a comment that it's the pinipig, I bounce the object in out table to prove it's a metal, she said sorry and offerred to replace the halo-halo, I declined the gesture and informed her that we will write a formal complaint or legal action towards the incident. You may reach me to my mobile for your action [protected]. Attached is the metal object.

Chowking Bacoor Molino Blvd Branch

May 29, 2018

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