Choice Manufacturing Co. , Inc. / Denial of warranty

1 120 Stony Point Road, Ste. 140, Santa Rosa, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 707-578-1008

One of the conditions of my extended warranty with Choice Manufacturing Co. (which I took out in 2007 for $1, 795. for 5 years) was that my vehicle was to be serviced no more than 5, 000 miles between oil changes. In October 2009 we drove to Southern California and back, a distance of approximately [protected] miles. When I took my car in for the normal service it was 150 miles over the maximum allowed mileage in the warranty. And that was over 25, 000 miles ago.
In May 2011, on a trip to Sacramento, California, my water pump went out causing the timing belt to fail and creating valve damage. The total cost of repairs was $4, 000. Although the extended warranty stated that the water pump was covered, and any mechanical damage caused by its failure, Choice Manufacturing decided to disallow the coverage due to the 150 miles over the mileage service allowance back in 2009.
I have written to them requesting their reconsideration, which I don't expect them to honor. I may have to take them to court as an end result. In any case, I have talked to several friends that stated they would never take an extended warranty due to these kind of complaints.

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