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This site has been advertising trial period of 60 tea bags for postage fees. in Terms and conditions which is greyed out and users tend to not see it. (I'm in the user experience field) states that £56 will be taken if we do not get back within 14 days. and every month then on.

The catch here is, when they're selling free tea bags with just postage fees, they donot mention anything about 14 days. but only in terms and conditions which is absolutely greyed out.

I like other 1000s of people have been duped by this site. I've returned the packages to them and I'm awaiting for them to refund my money.
Can we take any legal action against them? Please help. £56 is not small amount and that at least should be highlighted in big bold sentences. please help



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  • Ch
      5th of Jun, 2010

    Yet another scammer promoting the Cho Yung Tea scam:

    Ritoban Chakrabarti
    #1035 Sector 24B
    Chandigarh 160023
    Email: [protected]
    Telephone: +91 978 061 6401

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  • Th
      14th of Jul, 2010

    I am hoping victims are still following complaints regarding the Cho-Yung tea debacle. As my wife has also been a victim of this (along with thousands of others), I intend to take these creatures to the cleaners through every source available. Research now suggests that they are involved with other products using the same tactics. I am currently compiling a list of 'discrepancies' that could lead to their downfall. This means thinking outside the box regarding their use (or abuse) of postal services & non-compliance of their own terms, for those who can actually find or read them of course. I firmly believe that these are not worth the paper they're written on anyway, being consistent in spelling & grammar errors & full of contradiction.

    Most important for the moment is the suggestion that; 'subscription' payments are already set up & 'pending' before initial, so-called free trial products are dispatched. This could be construed as fraud based on assumption & the banks & other agencies involved will be encouraged to look into this. What I am interested to learn from others is; when was the first 'subscription' amount removed from their accounts. Ours was actually removed on a Sunday, which in itself is questionable (who can you contact at the bank on a Sunday & how many people even check on-line banking)? FYI, other discrepancies being tackled are; Tracked postage is not proof of delivery if not signed for. Duration between dispatch & receipt not qualifying for 14 day return of goods. Contradiction of terms – Goods cannot possibly be returned as received without use. Recipient is then charged for items used – ‘Free Trial?’ It might be interesting to contact your bank & ask when ongoing payments were actually applied for? Many thanks, S.

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  • El
      8th of Aug, 2010


    I am a victim of the Cho Yung tea scam.

    Last month I ordered the 14 day free trial package of the tea and of the colon cleansing tablets. I was told on the site that I only had to pay £8.99 sterling for the shipment of each product. Within a week I received the tea bags and roughly 2 to 3 weeks after I placed the order I received the tablets. I have not yet opened either product. They are still in their original packaging and sealed.

    I had used my husband's credit card to make these purchased. Yesterday it came to our attention that a further €61.18 was deducted from his card on Thursday 5th of August 2010. I am now aware that I am not the only victim of this scam. What i don't know though, is what steps to take next. Do I tell my husband to cancel his card immediately or is there another way?
    Is there any hope of me getting this €61.18 back from these people? I have sent them two emails requesting a refund and informing them that i will gladly return the unopened products to them once I receive acknowledgement of my emails. However, since it has come to my attention that this further deduction has been made to the credit card, i can no longer locate the website which i knew as

    If anybody could shed some light or advice on my situation, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Elaine

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