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Chlii's Bar and Grill / service

1 Carmel, IN, United States

My sister and I had gone out of town and decided to have lunch at the Chili's in Carmel, IN. Being of a former Chili-head myself for 5 years, I know what good customer service is. Usually I wouldn't name names, but this time I will, only because I feel that our server needs some extra attention in further training when dealing with people. His name was Ken, and while he did the usual server requirements, ask for our drinks and order, that was actually ALL he did. He didn't write down our order and, therefore, forgot a few things. As we tried to ask him to get it for us..again...he kept trying to walk as though he was in some sort of hurry...relax and wait until we're done talking please!! He gave us our bill before completing our order! He didn't say 2 words to us about anything...making it a tad uncomfortable. We were still trying to be polite & said our "thank you's" and "can you..", but he wouldn't say ANYTHING to us. Finally, we were fed up and didn't want to stay a minute longer. With at least 3 boxes in our hands, he didn't even offer us a bag, so we had to ask the hostess. The hostess, by the way, surprised us as well. We asked her for a couple of wet naps, but she didn't know what they were!! Come on, Chili's provides wet naps...I've been to my fair share of Chili's throughout the country & know that Chili's provides wet naps for TOGO orders. Since I was a former Chili-head, I make sure that I always leave at least 40% tips wherever I go out to eat, however, our service was soo surprisingly bad that on a $40 ticket, we just left $3...which I still think is too much for our service there. We come in and out towns throughout IN, and know for sure that our time at the Chili's in Carmel will most definitely be our last. If that is what "good service" is supposed to be, then I don't want to know about the bad ones. I sincerely suggest for the managers to keep a close eye on the staffs that need extra help because it could be due to them that customers don't come back.

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