Chipotle Mexican Grill / service

United States

To put it bluntly, I'm enormously dissatisfied with the service I received at your branch. My boyfriend and I frequent your restaurant quite a lot, so on our date night, last wednesday, we decided to get a burrito bowl to share. We ordered double meat on our food - two half scoops of chicken and two half scoops of steak, so two scoops of meat in total. When we arrived at the register, we were charged $17.25 for one burrito bowl; your staff charged us for quadruple meats. Even after we explained the situation and clear misunderstanding to them, they refused to even try to accommodate us and demanded we pay the amount. To top it off, the amount of meat we were given was most definitely not the amount we ended up paying for. The lid for our bowl fit perfectly on top, with room to spare underneath, even after they piled lettuce and cheese atop it. I'm a college student, I really don't have money to spare, so to both be treated poorly and to have had my money scammed away from me obviously doesn't sit well.

Oct 22, 2018

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