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Shenzhen, CN
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I bought a Nomu S20 phone from them In December and in May the rubber waterproof cover was expanding and coming away from the phone. Email communication (with Michael)was difficult as he/they would often ignore emails and would only reply after the 4th time of asking. After 18 emails from me in 3 months, they eventually agreed to send me a replacement cover…but wanted to charge me €10 to cover their postage costs.

3 months later and the phone starts installing programs by itself and playing music when there are no programs running and I discover (after searching the web) that this phone is shipped from Nomu with malware installed into the operating system and it cannot be removed. I contact Chinavasion and once again the whole ignoring emails merry-go-round starts again. If you do get a reply it's usually to ask something you have already told them, like what the problem is. Several times with the earlier cover replacement they kept asking me for my address yet it was clearly visible in the message I had sent them (and in their reply).

In summary, it's tempting to think you can get a bargain by buying a cheap phone from Chinavasion and so long as the item turns up, works and you don't need to contact the supplier...ever, you'll be fine. If, on the other hand, you require any form of customer service, forget about it. You are better of buying from a guy in a bar or off a back of a lorry as you'll have as much luck resolving any problems you have. Try it if you fancy a gamble and once you get your fingers burned, go back to buying from your local store or Amazon, lesson learned.


Nov 16, 2017

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