Chinagoshop / World Expo 6, the number of admission tickets sold out over 105 000

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After yesterday's low view of development, the Shanghai World Expo traffic slowly began to

rebound. Official statistics show that here, as the evening of 6 17:30, the number of the

Shanghai World Expo will be the date of admission 105, 600 people. In order to gather popularity,

a large number of national pavilions put a big parade Showmanship, become a scene Expo Site.After

a few days, low traffic once expressed concern that the organizers. However, outside the Expo

ticket sales, by contrast, normally an unexpected vote of ordinary votes hard to get tension.Dial

the 12580 hotline reporters today, to buy a 30 Zhang Shibo normal ordinary votes, the results

have already been informed of these tickets sold out. Walk to China Telecom, Bank of

Communications and other ticket outlets, the situation is similar, I vote daily on the 3rd the

only remaining tickets and two on weekdays from 7 votes. 4, Shanghai World Expo announced that

tickets issued, on May 5 until May 31, the Shanghai World Expo Park site just to sell tickets the
day and night tickets. Where to buy advance tickets to haunt ordinary weekdays the general public

here.According to the ticketing center of Shanghai World Expo Bureau released the news, as of May

4, the Shanghai World Expo tickets sold 33.11 million, of which 23.96 million individual tickets,

group tickets 9.15 million. Family will receive with the people of Shanghai World Expo tickets,

potential visitors to the Expo now has more than 40 million people.Faced with such huge potential

flow, the Shanghai World Expo Bureau spokesman said that although the World Expo will be of up to

184 days, but a larger visitor base, such as large numbers of tourists are choosing Houqi visit,

there will be too focused on passenger traffic, the park venues Shifen the phenomenon of

congestion is bound to affect every tourist's visit results, we recommend visitors ticket holders

of the Expo concept of development time to a reasonable arrangement.Off ticket sales and people

are happy, the park museum to attract tourists each country is full of tricks.Afternoon, in front

of the queue in Canada Pavilion crowd, the reporter was surprised to find several wearing strange

masks, dressed in colorful costumes waiting Field visitors came closer, each also carrying a

suitcase hands, odd shape attract the onlookers, inquiring, we learned that in fact they are
invited by the Canadian Museum show guests, such a dress as is multidirectional, intended to

accumulate popular venues.In today officially open to the public of South Africa's National

Museum, the World Cup mascot "Zha Kumi" become welcome guests. During the Expo, the South African

Museum visitors will perform transformation in urban communities, tourism and heritage

protection, environment and climate change different display themes.6, National Museum Day

rotation to Israel, made a special trip to Shanghai View of the Israeli Finance Minister Bo

Israel Museum is offering the "greatest treasures" - Albert Einstein manuscript. The handwritten

part by the Albert Einstein "Relativity" presentation stunning debut as a major trump card of

Israel Museum. According to reports, this is the first time Israel's self-built venue at the

Expo, though their simple pavilion, but no shortage of amazing scientific and cultural
innovations.Israeli Finance Minister Nitz said, bearing in mind the Jewish people during World

War II Shanghai kindness, hope to further strengthen cooperation with China in various fields.He
said that the State of Israel is not great, but in the cultural and economic achievements of the

various aspects. In addition, Israel is


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