China willken art and craft / Fraud

1 Room 405,4/ f,jinshan wealth plaza,no 2370, Fangzhong, China
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Phone: 00865925521617

Dear sir/ madam 
                          I am asking help to get back money paid to china willken art & craft on 03rd may 2015 I contacted the above company requesting a 6 inc statue be made they reply said date saying yes it could be done for a cost of $100.00 us dollar ant a $50.00 us for shipping to united state on hearing this next day I transfer 150us to the company I delt with holly sale rep  she said sample will take 10 days to make after 10 days holly said the person to make the statue left the job and ask for more time I said ok after 7 day in extended time they sent a picture of the statue I wanted it was nothing close to what I sent to make  so we keep trying to get right but till date still not right now they asking for $100.00 us more to finish the statue they break all the promises now I have to pay for it they if I don't send money I loose my money I paid here is a attachment of whit I paid also I have all tex message of what holly been sending ...5/4/15, 7:25:23 PM: Naresh: Recipient
Naresh Dwarika     LIN JINQU
[protected] [protected]
Funds will be available to your recipient on or before: May 5, 2015
Note: The recipient can send or spend the full amount on this date. If the recipient wishes to withdraw money, limits may apply.

Description    Amount
Payment amount (in currency funded):    $150.00 USD
Your total charge:    $150.00 USD
Payment amount:    $150.00 USD
5/4/15, 9:08:53 PM: Wilkin China: It says we got your guarantee money.
5/4/15, 9:09:58 PM: Wilkin China: Now, we are going to arrange the work under your requirement.
5/4/15, 9:14:18 PM: Wilkin China: 6" statue made of resin, gloss, want to get the sample as soon as possible.  Correct?
5/5/15, 5:28:12 AM: Wilkin China: It goes well. We have started to arrange the design.
5/5/15, 5:29:12 AM: Wilkin China: We have the same products in the photo above.
5/5/15, 5:29:18 AM: Naresh: Make it look just like picture ok
5/5/15, 5:29:34 AM: Wilkin China: Definitely.
5/5/15, 5:30:04 AM: Naresh: Do u supply any one in Trinidad

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Jun 1, 2015

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