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1 Crystal River, FL, United States
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On Thursday evening about 5 pm we went in to Chilies for dinner. All was well. When dinner was served we needed to order some more but server could not be reached and as he was passing I called out hay and he stopped.He came over to our table and stared to bawl me out. Do not call me hay as I have a name Jim. But that was not the end he just stood there bawling me out over and over. I actually was afraid of him. I am 79 and feel I did nothing wrong just calling out hay to get his attention. I think he must have mental problems to stand there bawling me out like that and I said I was sorry I didn't know his name but that was not good enough for him as he kept bawling me out over and over. The manager came over and was very nice. I have a bad feeling about that place and after 10 years of going there I am afraid to set foot in it again

Jun 10, 2017

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