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Children's Underwear / Crude & offensive content on children's underwear!

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I am writing to get some attention on a recent situation where I ran into a pair of little girls (size 2 - 14) panties that about had me calling the news. On the front side of the children's panties there is a picture of a kitty and the words, "Heaven Scent" above it. Look at the spelling sCent that's right They actually printed SCENT (as in: smell, for those of you who don't know) on the crotch of children's underwear...

I can't possibly be the only person that sees pedophile ALL over this, can I?

Can someone tell me if this is news worthy I have possession of the under garment. The reactions of my friends, family and co-workers where about 50/50 some just laughed at the disgust. While others found it equally offensive as I did. That in it self is sad to say that we live in a time when the filth of our society makes us chuckle.

Thank you for reading,

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  • Jo
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    Is it possible that they were made in China, and the wording came from someone who thought they had a firm grasp on out language?? I get the same thing from my european friends that write me. I had to correct one, letting him know that squid have "testicles" not "testicles". I was in Japan a few years ago, and there was a dance club called "Raped Angel". I spoke with the owner about the name, he said that what he knew about the english word "rape" was that it was aggressive sex, so he thought it would be cool to have have his club named after an angel who is sexually aggressive. After I told him what it meant, the next day he was closed, and was reopened a month later under a less distasteful name.

    But honestly, who would really cares. I am guessing on this, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't realize pedophiles had X-ray vision now. Is this something new, that they can look through girls pants to see what is written on their panties, or what kind they are wearing?? Interesting, they might start working for terrorists with their new powers LOL :P But seriously, this goes along with the whole thong panty thing when Abercrombe and Fitch came out with a thong line for 10 year olds. I thought it was a good idea! Everyone started screaming "THIS WILL ATTRACT PEDOPHILES!!!" Uuuhhh... how?? The whole point of the thong is to hide the the panty line... and if you haven't noticed, any girl who does NOT were a thong, especially a child, their panties are ALWAYS noticeable. My 7 year old has been wearing thong panties since the age of 6, I make them for her, and she has yet to be followed by any pedophiles or sickos.

    WHEW... I'm done venting...

  • Ca
      1st of Sep, 2007
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    I find this very offensive. I have a little girl and would refuse to allow her to wear these. It doesn't matter if anyone can see the underwear but her, the fact remains that children are inquisitive and will ask what that means, and why is it spelled funny. Once they find out what it means, thats just opening a whole world of trouble. I am so tired of seeing such sexually explicit clothing for younger kids... and people wonder why today's children are acting out sexually at such a younger age!

  • Sk
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    Has the world become this crazy that some paranoid fanatic decides to place a stigma on something that is 100% innocent. Her lunacy is what is destroying this world. Fathers are afraid to even hug their own daughters and small wonder women like this are attempting to shape everyone else into their twisted world. Little girls are dressed like boys now in a warped parental attempt to prevent them being seen as female. My grandaughter wears dresses with frilly little lacey things and she is learning to be lady like. She is being raised as a female and girl first and foremost and to heck with any of the femanist fanatics who would prefer she be forced into a closed life of lesbianetics.
    It is so sad that a few crazies such as this original poster have swept the united states into such turmoil. Let us pray for sanity to return soon.

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