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Child Support Services / Needs to be up graded

1 United States

My kids had to go stay with there father, because I am broke an he wouldn't help.So now I haven't seen my kids for more then seven mouths.Then when I finally did go to court the jugde throw my case out that day.He didn't have to pay me a thing.He looked like the good parent and me the dead beat.Let me put in to, this man is a known child abuser with a record of child molesting a child, and the law or DCF will NOT help while we was married they have reports of him beating me and the kids.HE made me lose a baby, never went to jail.Another 13 year old girl opened a case on him nothing was ever done.The law never even talked with him!That was the first time I had seen my ex since he took my kids.Last month in court.I couldn't even think.I had a bad divorce and he got married days later and started taking care of another woman and her kids.The courts an the law isn't working, While he was getting behind in child support the whole time he was buying new trucks boat and houses.They need to look deeper in the fathers life if he could do all that why can't he help his kids??The only reason he wants the kids with him is so he don't have to pay support.Me and my kids lived in fear everyday of are lives while I was married to him, now I have to set here an wounder how there doing, my ex and his wife want let me talk to them, and every time they do as soon as my son starts crying they grab the phone and call me a name and hang up!Where is the law when you need them!New laws need to be made, because something isn't working!If your a single parent an agree you can email me at, An tell me, how you have been let down, by the state!!!

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