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Child support enforcement


Interstate arrearages dispute

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Child Support Enforcement
Covington, Georgia
United States
Phone: 18774234746
In 1994 I was divorced in GA and orderd to pay child support.I got behind on payments when In 1995 I moved to TN. GA sent papers ordering TN to modify the child support payments.TN did as ordered, lowered my payments based on my income, garnished my paycheck, set up a repayment plan for the $3000 in arrearages and I paid my child support as TN ordered until my child turned 18. My taxes were offset for the $3000 in arrearges I owed as well in addition to asmall amount coming out of my paycheck weekely going towards that.GA kept sending me notices over the years that my taxes were offset for arrearages and that my refund was being held but the amount of arrearages kept getting bigger and bigger instead of going down.I called GA and learned that they refused to recognize the TN modified order.I disputed it several times but never could get any help.Ga refuses to call you back and is very unprofessional to deal with. After my child turned 18 and child support was supposed to stop I recieved a letter from GA saying I owed over $15, 000 in child support arrearages and that a new income withholding from wages order would be issued on my paycheck unless I disputed within 10 days. I did dispute and sent back the letter of dispute form certified mail requesting a hearing in March 2010 but never heard any response.I also went to my local TN child support office and disputed and they told me I did not owe the arreareges because they had a court order showing that GA requested the modifications be made and TN did as instructed.She gave me a copy of the order to fax GA proving it. I was planning to go to the hearing in Ga and present them with the court order but they have yet to contact me with a date or time.Instead I just recieved a letter from Ga saying I am past due on my child support arrearges yet they still have not given me a hearing.The garishment is still on my paycheck and has never been lifted even though my child is 18 and Ga sent a letter to me telling me support would end. My income taxes are still offset as well so I phoned my local child support worker and she called Ga and spoke to a customer service rep with the child support office there and was told we never disputed the arrearages despite us sending them a certified letter disputing it and despite proof that they recieved my dispute. She told me GA said I was not fighting the arrearages and that I must owe them because im not fighting it.Basically GA is playing hardball and refusing to recognize the TN order and my case worker in TN said that I need to send them the court order showing them in black and white that they requested the child support be modified and to call them everyday and if they don't fix this then I need to file a complaint with the government in GA if need be.She seemed confident that I should not need an attorney to do this because Ga is in the wrong by not following a court order they sent requesting modifications be made but that I just had to stay on them. I have the court order from Ga that specifically ordered TN to modify the payments yet they won't recognize it. Is this legal and is my TN case worker right? I followed the TN order and based on that order I have actually over paid what I was ordered to pay because my taxes have been offset for 15 years.My local Tn child support case worker told me that Georgia has to follow the law that was in place in 1995 when they ordered TN to modify the existing order and they are not recognizing it because the child support laws have changed since then and Georgia is aparently following the new law.How can they do that? How can GA order Tn to make modifications and then not recognize them when they are the one's ordering it? What can i do to fight this without an attorney. I can't afford one. I am upset because they are ignoring my dispute by no giving me a hearing and I am upset that I following the law and paid support for 18 years yet it's not be recognized.
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A  4th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
These people working for the Ga child support recovery division of DFCS are by and large ignorant, incompetent and completely indifferent individuals. I've had to deal with them for some time now and experience the same kind of problems. They've tried to have me arrested twice now for money that I didn't owe. I mean, I've actually sat in court and watched them dispute proof that they had presented that I owed no arrearages along with disputing testimony from my ex wife who was telling them that I was paid in full and even argued with their own attorney who was telling them that I owed them nothing. I fear that this institution has become nothing more than an ignorant collection of man haters. The worst part of it all is that the courts seem to be willing to stand behind them as if they were God. I've also witnessed them being used as a strong arm for vengeful ex's. And, make no mistake, the "Department of FAMILY and CHILDREN'S Services" (what a joke) will take your children's father away from them and lock him away no matter how loving, caring and supporting he may be, and they will do this over money, owed or not.
A  4th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I totally agree with these comments. I to am dealing with these people. My originating state terminated my child support order and insurance when my child turned 18. Georgia even returned a payment I had made after the termination. When you call them they will not release any information to you or listen to what you are trying to explain. I even asked one lady to speak with someone above her and she flat out told me no. Texas is my originating state, I relocated to Missouri where I registered my order. All Georgia does is distribute payment. When I tell them Missouri has terminated the order, they are telling me that Ga. still has an order for child support. I'm pretty sure you cannot have two orders in different states for the same child. They always tell me to call the originating state and when I do they tell me the case is closed. Something really needs to be done about the State of Ga child support. I am afriad nothing will happening until a class action lawsuit is brought to bear. I'm all for this if anyone else wants to join.
A  22nd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I need everyone reading this to PLEASE act accordingly. I am hiring an attorney and I absolutely WILL TAKE THIS TO FEDERAL COURT, but I need more than just myself to do this. My email address is acfitz78@yahoo.com. My name is April and I am in this fight with my husband. I will forward an email with our story to everyone who contacts me because I have it in a word doc...since I have told this story SO MANY times it just gets tiring. PLEASE contact me ASAP and I will give all our contact info... I look forward to hearing from everyone and I am ready to fight this to the VERY END. I do not care how much it costs or how long it takes. If all of you are willing and patient then please do not take this from our SO called government. WHere are our rights? where are we protected? at what point is enough enough? I say NOW>>>>IT IS ENOUGH
N  15th of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
I have never in my life experienced something like Ga child support it was the biggest mistake of all! They do nothing to help or enforce anything all that is a way for them to know how much income you have for anything you need help with. How is it that one can be called a case worker if the worker dosent work on your case?? I have been writing emails and calling for the past year and get nothing back not one response Newton county is the worlds worst!! and when I go there to try and find out what is going on I get the reply ( you need an appointment..) well how am I going to do that? I have to work to support my child I cant take off work to come and sit and talk to you.. how hard is it for them to pick up the phone.. or better yet type an email and let me know that someone is there.. I think that the law is to easy on fathers who don't pay for the children they help make and then go to the next female and have more only to leave them as well and not pay child support. This is a cycle and the law needs to stop the broken children cycle. I am sorry I am venting will shut up now.. lol just made me feel better knowing that I am not the only one that has issues with this. :)

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