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churchs very nice place but the person that was working there on that day was very rude and ugly she was telling myself and other customer that she was not cooking anymore chicken until all the breast was gone there was a better way to explain why she was out of wings and also she let the ustomers know that people like me always want the 2pc mixed in wing and thighs there was no specific parts on the advertisement on the window please get in touch with that location to get her out of there when I took the chicken back in from the drive thru she approach me as what is it now please get in touch with that store my visit was on 06-09-15 at 11:52 am there is a way you can check my order number 436205 she inform me they pick the parts of the mix special that she want me to have I visit this store once a week please do something with her attitude this is not the first incident with her you are going to lose a lot of business with her there 2963 Park Avenue resturant #[protected] memphis Tennessee no I do not have a facebook page and can not validate my receipt I do not go on Social Media I am 65 years ol no need to go on there the manager was whom I was speaking to and she was raising her voice

Jun 11, 2015

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  • Jt
      22nd of Feb, 2009
    chicken - Confusion of Charges
    Popees Chicken
    North Richland Hills
    United States

    I was wondering why on the Family meal the sign states 2 large sides. Every time I buy at this location they charge an extra .40 for the beans and rice. They explained it is due to the high cost of beans. When you get your order there is about a tablespoon of beans and the rest is dry rice. How can you advertise 2 large sides included and then turn around and charge extra. $.40 cents is much unless you add up how many customers are done this way.
    Highway 26 and Harwood location.

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  • Gu
      25th of Jun, 2013
    chicken - manager and staff stealing food I paid for
    Sri Lanka

    Today, 25 June 2013 I went to KFC at Jawatte Road at around 8.30 pm. I ordered chicken bucket, fiery fried chicken, cole slaw, French fries and drinks for my kid daughter and my wife and myself. As the fiery chicken was not ready we were asked to go with the rest of the order and sit and wait 8 minutes. we waited and finally 15 minutes later my wife went down to see what was up. The manager and waiter were serving others but had forgotten us. She showed her paid invoice. The waiter served my daughter her chicken twice but each time the manager arrived and took it away and gave his own people on a side. Then finally he served a much smaller piece to my daughter. we complained and asked if what he served bore any resemblance to the chicken advertisement. The waiter looked askance. The manager walked away. I called him a thief of kid's food. we left your KFC.
    I repeat your KFC steals Kid's food.

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  • Su
      29th of Oct, 2013
    chicken - inferior product
    Real Canadian Super Store
    Williams Lake
    British Columbia
    Phone: 250-296-9011

    Today, October 29, I bought Wholesale Club chicken breasts. They were very tough, and last month was the same.
    I am paying $11.01/kg and would like decent chicken. Kindly check into the product.

    Thank you

    Suzie Ambrose
    Rose Lake Area, near Williams Lake, B.C.

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  • Do
      31st of Oct, 2013

    Suzie, you're overcooking them, that's why they are dry and tough. Get an instant-read thermometer and take them off the heat when they reach 155f.

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