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Hi Everyone!

I ended up finding this message board through my husband. He had to help me because I was having so much trouble with them since December. I had purchased several items here and there before the drama began. I was happy and even recommended it to several friends and clients.

Here it goes:

In December I ordered the ever famous Loeffler Randall boots and a Black Halo Dress because of the terrific sale that was advertised. They charged my card for them and I never received them. I kept emailing. They kept promising. 2 months later they told me the Buyers told them it was out of stock. Well, my card had been charged for 2 months by then. They said they would give me a refund but, a charge back would take 10 days. Well, I worked in retail all of my life. It does not take 10 days. They asked me via email if I wanted that. I responded clear and concise that I wanted a refund. They didn't answer me via email or phone. I knew something was wrong. Because of this I went ahead and emailed them again saying that I would take the Gift Card that they offered with a $50 on top of it for the inconvenience. They answered right away and issued the Gift Card immediately!!! From there I knew I had to use it quick just in case they went out of business. I ordered 2 dresses that I did not need and a Jack Rabbit clutch. They emailed weeks later to say that the Jack Rabbit clutch was out of stock because somebody had purchased it in the store. Well, what does that have to do with me? Where's my purse? Natalie said that when I want something next time that I should let her know. Well, they don't have 24 hour Customer Service to let anyone know what I want if I'm shopping in the middle of the night. Anyways, she said she would issue me a Gift Card again and asked if there is anything else she could do. I asked her to give me the $10 shipping back from the last order. She said "sure". Then I told her that when I ordered I had only received 25% off but, in my Inbox there was email stating that there was a sale for 40% off. It was too late by the time I ordered. I asked her for the difference back retroactively if possible. She said "sure"!!! I was amazed at the wonderful service! So then, I was supposed to get $200 something instead of $100 something. She had originally sent the Gift Card of the amount of the purse and $10 for shipping. She said she would VOID it and send another. It never came. I kept asking her direct questions, such as 1.) Did you reissue me a new one or is the extra amount on the on the first one? She did not answer. 2.) Did you ever send a new one? There was no answer. 3.) I finally emailed the original Gift Card back to see if it was right. She never answered again. I previously remembered her saying that once Customer Service emails out a Gift Card they don't know the number or anything. Well, besides that she had her manager re email the very first Gift Card for no apparent reason and it had no value. I emailed complaining about it and I did not get an answer. Finally, I decided to use the $100 something and just get lost and never shop here again!!! Last Friday evening is when I had put things in the cart that added up to about the amount of the Gift Card and not much more. I tried to redeem the Gift Card at Checkout. Well!!!Girls!!! You're going to love this one!!! It said the Gift Card had been redeemed!!! My guess is that Natalie stole the amount off of the card when I emailed the Gift Card back to her for confirmation of the amount that was wrong. After I had done that she had totally cut off communication with me. I kept trying to contact their Customer Service line and nobody would answer. I hope she gets fired for this and I hope the company goes out of business.

I think that ChickDowtown advertises clothing that they do not have in stock at all. They get you to buy it but, won't send it to you. That is a scam. They charge your card knowing that it's out of stock. That is a scam. I think it may be illegal too somehow. If you look at the site there is tons of merchandise that advertised and if you click on it, it's out of stock. The pictures keep people interested while they really don't have any merchandise in stock. I was on the site so much trying to figure things out that I realized that is how they are doing it...

By the way. the Black Halo dress came months later when I had told them I wanted a refund. They refused. Also, going back to the part where she said I should contact them to pull the merchandise before I place an order so that something the the Jack Rabbit clutch experience does not happen again...I had asked her to pull a Lauren Conrad dress, a T Bags dress and something else. She said she wasn't working that day and couldn't do it. I asked if anybody did it. She didn't answer. She blamed me for not purchasing on time which is why now somebody else has the items that I wanted. Then she told me she did pull the items but, I didn't purchase on time and that I would have to purchase through the site and not her. I wasn't trying to purchase through her! I was just trying to get her to pull the merchandise!!! I could go on forever about this awful, unreasonable and scam of an experience.

In summary, I had to contact my credit card company and told them the whole story. They were very aware of this company. They issued me a full refund for the original amount of the boots.

Let's all hope Amy Reed at ChickDowntown goes out of business because of her bad business ethics!!!

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  • Ma
      26th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Something like this happened to me to. I placed an order on two items and after 10 days only one item arrived. I called and called but nobody ever answered also no returned email. That was strange to me all though the deals that they were promoting sounded to good to be true.
    After about a month and a half of EVERYDAY calling and emailing somebody picked up the phone a promised to give me a refund on the item that was "out of stock". When I purchased it it was IN STOCK. She also told me the story how a refund takes up to 10 days. So again I waited and waited and of course no refund.
    Again I started calling every single day! All in all I got my refund back on about the third month.
    Stay away from this website, that's al I can say!!!

  • Kl
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    THANK YOU for posting this detailed comment. I have had a similar experience (not as bad as yours), and I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one. There are TONS of complaints about on this website alone. Something must be done. Very Soon. I really don't understand how they could make it this far?

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