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Chick Fil A / Rude service!

Easley, SC, United States Review updated:
I am filing this complaint as a former restaurant manager. I formerly worked for Chick Fil A in Aurora Colorado. On 5 April 2008 I went through the drive thru at the Chick Fil A in Easley, South Carolina. When I pulled up to the speaker a very rude African AMERICAN worker shouted may I take your order. I politely placed the order and pulled around to the window. The girl snatched the money from my hand and appeared to have problems making change. After some delay the order and change were basically thrown at me. Such treatment of a person is unacceptable. I will never again eat at Chick Fil A.


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  1st of Apr, 2008
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Chick Fil A - Trash on the roadways
Chick Fil A
United States

Dear Sir: This is a complaint/suggestion. This morning I spent 2 hours picking up trash of the street where I live. There is a Chick Fil a on a nearby corner thus a good bit of the trash was containers from Chick Fil A. This gave me the idea to suiggest to you company thatyou run a Go Green ad campaing to clean up America and to provide car trash bag dispensers at your sites and encourage your clients to use them for their trash rather than throw it out the car windows onto the roadways. An could you possibly start with the site on the 436/Balmy Beach in Apopka Fl? Please see that this suggestion gets to the correct location. Thank you, Jeany Moore
  29th of Sep, 2008
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I am surprised to hear about your experience, since I have never had any problem with any of the Chick Fil-As in California and Arizona. In fact, I would say that as a whole, this restaurant chain does the best of any fast food chains to train their employees to be friendly and respectful. (For the record, I have no personal connection to the Chick-Fil-A chain)

I noticed that you made it a point to single out the employee's race. Maybe that is your real problem, and not the quality of service??? And besides, if this is the only time that you have had a problem, and your problem seems rather minor - it's not like you were cussed out or anything like that, and you will condemn an entire chain by this incident, well then maybe it's Chick-Fil-A's gain.
  24th of Nov, 2010
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no, i doubt race is his problem...those kind of women have an attitude 24/7 because they believe that they are A list celebrities and they dont think they should have to work at all
  24th of Nov, 2010
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I assure you im not the [censor] who claimes she was a nurse making 90K a year. She couldnt hang with me. She makes no sense in her comments. I do on the other hand and it fires you up. Can't deny that.
  24th of Nov, 2010
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I call myself NN because I love to get under peoples skin to see their true colors. Have I gotten under yours yet? I think so :)
  28th of Nov, 2010
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good for you fox. you'd be surprised how many give up control without second thought...kind of like weeding the strong from the weak
  28th of Nov, 2010
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I'm alright if he never wants to eat at Chick-fil-A again. I worked there for two years. I was the best employee my store had (that's the assistant manager's words, not mine). I got plenty of compliments on my customer service every day. And I still got treated like [censor] there, sometimes by customers, but mostly by co-workers. Oh, and the owner. He was a dick. I'd frankly be happy if the whole chain went out of business. I'm sure if Ian and I never visit another one again, that's exactly what will happen!! /srcsm
  30th of Nov, 2010
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isnt chick-fil-a a christian organization? closed on sundays right?

they dont sound very christian do they?

hypocrisy in christianity?? impossible!!
  21st of Dec, 2010
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i so agree with this post...almost EVERY african american person ive encountered working at CFA is rude as hell..always the worst service and attitude...its like they hire monkeys to work there...mostly of any race or color...even the white people are very mean, but the african ameriacns are the worst...they seem to have a chip on their shoulder and maybe are mad they got hired by a company that seems to be racist, but every minority working for CFA is a total [censor]
  21st of Dec, 2010
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this isnt racism, its called FACTS...if a black woman was rude to the person they reported it as such...if it was a white woman they would report it the same, get a clue. If it was hispanic it would be reported as HISPANIC. Just because its black doesn't make it racist, it makes you racist, [censor].
  5th of Jun, 2013
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At San Antonio Chick Fil A Mr. Don Spice is a very quit person but behind close doors he is a very unprofessional owner he does not care that his staff that is in charge of his store are hurting employees by the way they talk to them. Young girls and young men that want to experience a job for the first time are tread ed like dogs and I have had young girls tell me what is wrong with this person talking about Irma and also Jerry and also Junny this are the management that is in charge of that store in San Antonio on City base Military restaurant. He does not care because he comes and goes not stay and find out what happens at all as long as he does not hear it he does not care. Money is what he care about more and not the complains of the employment and complains of the customers either. If he can take me out then he thinks that he is safe but he is not save. He let this happen for to long and someone is standing up for her rights in America so there, there are chick fil A's that are own by dumb owner that can't take care of the problem before it get to this point and it did. I am going to the congress with this because there are people that are working for him that are afraid to loss there job. This job here at this Chick Fil A is not worth it at all there are better owner that are good to there employees that they hire for the help they need.

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