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I was offered a Chevron Texaco Business Credit card in 2005, which I had used responsibly, always paying on the balance promptly. A new card was issued a month ago with a 2015 expiration date. Two weeks later, I received a letter dated November 25th expression an concern about the present state of the economy, and that based on a reveiw of my account, my spend limit was "adjusted fo $100 to better match your spending pattern." There were further remarks about paying close attention to the due date on my statements "to ensure your payments are made on time."

The second paragraph indicates that a search was made based on the Commercial Credit Score of my small business, and accordingly, Cheron requested "a personal guarantee or a deposit no later than Deceember 16, 2008. Non-receipt of this information may lead to your Chevron and Texaco Business Card account being closed."

I was invited to call the toll free number [protected]. I called and spoke with "Colleen, " who informed me that I would be required to place a $100 deposit to secure this account, which has been established in good standing for three years.
With regards to the personal guarantee, the information that was requested would be based on running a check on my personal credit history.

I find the entire tone of Chevron's approach to be entirely too intrusive and demeaining in light of the the fact that 1) I never applied for the card originally, but was offered it,
2) I have demonstrated a prompt and consistent payment history with Chevron. Had this not been the fact, a new card would not have been issued. But most of all, 3) The card was sent in advance of the conditions of use .

Since I rarely use this gasoline credit card, and have even less use for it where I am now,
I look forward to contacting the head of Chevron Texaco to express my feelings about this insulting action. It concerns me that Cheron is probing into my credit history without cause and has the power to make a negative report if I cancel this account, or do not conform to their request to secure the spending limit by a certain date. Under these circumstances, I have no interest in using this card, and look forward to Chevron carrying out their threat to cancel my account if I do not comply with their unfair conditions. It should be made abundantly clear to Cheron that my non response to their
bullying tactics resembles embezzelement, and my refusal to accept these terms allows them to cancel my account without further hassasment, including the registering of a negative credit report for my refusal of these terms of use.

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  • Eu
      Feb 24, 2009

    I am a small business owner and have experienced the very same thing that Ray has experienced.

    For me, it's time to take my business elsewhere.

    Fleetcor the card processor for Chevron is behind this outrage.

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