Cheverolet Imapala / Gm Consumer Buyer Complaint

1 4770 Covington Hwy, Decatur, GA, United States
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Phone: 404) 284-7630

Van Johnson



Purchase Dealership – Superior Chevrolet – Decatur Ga, 30035

I have a 2008 Impala SS that was purchased recently around the middle of June. This car was stamped GM certified used car. I have had this car for about 7 months now; this car has given me nothing but problems. I have visited this dealership five times for car repairs within the last two months. . I recently noticed my back tires was wearing out badly on the inside back tire on both sides, in which I showed the manager on duty the damage. From this original repair they replaced control arms, replaced the brakes and tires which I think could only had come from a previous wreck from what it look liked or previously repairs. . I noticed in my truck the welding was a different color and also had a water leak in the trunk which they attempted to seal. . This was also made attention to the dealer directly, in which they kept my car fix all repairs. The next week I noticed my transmission was slipping and jerking on the highway. I took the car back again, and explained the new issues. They kept the car again for a week to replace small parts with the transmission. I picked it up again and it started a new issue days later, which was a hard jerk once it was moved in and out of gear and also a delayed take off, now I have sent it back for a fourth time which they have now had it for two weeks and still state there is no problems with the car. The last visit I spoke with Tracy the Service manager in which he stated a new transmission would be in my car this time due to all the problems and unresolved issue. Now when I went today to pickup my car, they stated nothing is wrong and no transmission was replaced. So basically my car has just been sitting there. He also states he does now recall this conversation regarding a transmission replacement. This car has caused me nothing but problems. They offered me a trade to the same car, but I would have to pay interest on vehicles plus tag and title. So as it stands now, I have my car with no additional repairs and no replacement done to my satisfaction.

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