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I rented a home from a real estate agent with this company. The house was nice, but old, and NOT cleaned before move in day. We had to clean the whole house (not trashed, but definitely not cleaned). The yard was also no done. Since it was a few days from the time the owners moved out and we moved in though, one would expect the grass to have grown so this wasn't a problem to me.

The day we moved in there was a repairman sent over to check some things in the garage. At this point, a LOT of our stuff was in the garage. We were not there. The man had to leave to get some parts. He left the large garage door open, with all of our items there and nobody t watch them, with it raining! This type of unprofessional behavior was a mainstay for our yearlong lease. The back door didn't work, I was told to just not use it. The furnace caught fire, she sent over a very old guy who knew nothing and the next night the whole thing caught fire and we had to have the fire department come put it out. I'm just thankful we were still awake when that happened! This type of service continued for our time there.

A few months before our lease expired our agent passed away. I called the office to see what we were supposed to do at that point. I talked to the owner and he said he would get back to me. I never heard back from him. About six weeks before we were to move out I started calling the office to see who was going to review the house with us. A couple days before we were due to move out I finally got a response from a lady who said she wasn't a real estate agent but would probably do the walk through with me but she couldn't do it that week (the week we were due to move) and could I do it the following week. We agreed on a day and time. I work nights and a LOT of hours so when I got a call early in the morning the day before our appointment I was still sleepy when I answered. The lady said that her and the owner had decided they wanted to change the appointment to THEN. I said I couldn't do that. She said they would just do the walkthrough without me. Considering all of the unprofessional behavior I had already experienced, I wasn't happy with this. I told her that I wasn’t' comfortable with this and wanted to be there. She said that either I be there when she said or she was doing it without me. I asked her if she realized that it was this type of unprofessional behavior that had made us move in the first place and she started yelling and became VERY unprofessional. I hung up. There was nothing I could do.

It wasn't for a few weeks that I got a letter. It, of course, detailed a long list of things she claims were left undone and broken. Thank God I'm not a trusting spirit and I took pics of the whole house after I got the carpet professionally steam cleaned! The picture I have attached is of the yard the day the movers came. The real estate agent said it was overgrown and in need of professionals. So, I called the owner again. He acted surprised that his people would act like this and said he would look into it and call me back. I waited another week. No call. I just called him and he said he had checked into it, "a bit" but didn't know much more but would "try" to check some more. These people owe me $1625 for my deposit and are doing every unprofessional thing they can to not give it back. Net stop. Court!

Chesapeake Bay Reaity


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