Cherry Creek Dodge / Sold a lemon

United States

We bought a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica from Cherry Creek Dodge, on South Havana in Aurora, CO on October of 2009. When negotiating prices for the car, we were told that they could only go so low because they had put so much money and time into the car that they would be losing money. The day after we bought the car we had to take it back because the windshield wipers werent working correctly. When the front wipers were turned on the back would spray and wipe, but when the back was turned on nothing sprayed and the front wipers turned on. After taking the car home we realized that the wipers were not fixed correctly. Now the wiper sprayed and wiped in the back when the back was turned on, but the front would not spray, so we took it back in. A couple weeks later we took the car in to a private shop for an alignment, which I would think would have been noticed with as much time and effort that they said they put into the car. We were told that an alignment could not be done because the tie-rods were bad. We declined to have the work done at the shop and drove straight over the Cherry Creek Dodge. They told us that we would have to bring in back on Wednesday, 4 days later, to get it in and they would have it the whole day. When we brought it in on Wednesday they called and told us that the entire axle had to be replaced and they would let us know when it was done. So they replaced the tie rods, axles and then also informed us that they needed to replace Power Take off unit and we got the car back 2 days later. Again, in December, I went to leave for work and all of the electrical went dead in the car. I called Cherry Creek Dodge and they said bring it in. After waiting 2 hours I finally got a tow truck to tow it to the dealer. Cherry Creek Dodge then called me late that day and said that the entire computer for the car needed to be replaced. They replaced it. In April, the left front blinker went out in the car. We tried replacing the bulb, but that was not the issue. There are no specific fuses for the blinkers, so we couldnt check that. We took the car into the dealer and waited 2 hours, to find out that it was a socket, but they did not have that part, so they would have to find it. We left with a street illegal car with a service slip from the Service Advisor that said he had to look for a part. He told us to have the police call him if we got pulled over. We waited 3 days for the part to come in. We had to take the car in and drop it off for another 2 hours while they changed the socket. 3 days later the blinker started working intermittently, turning on and off. The next day the blinker went completely out. We took it to the dealer on a Saturday and were told that there was no one that could look at it until Monday. So we had to take yet more time off work. We took the car in on Tuesday and had to call them at 4pm to ask what the status was. We were told that they couldnt find the problem. The car has now been there 2 days and we have not heard from anyone as far as what the issue is.


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