Cherry Creek Dodge / Brad who was my salesman who now was fired GM manager Chris an owner Doug

On Hampton ave , United States

I went in with my last car to trade in an buy a car for the last time last Feb.I had 3 or 4 different people telling me things .But rocky who just started stayed with me for 4 or 5 hrs .It was a sale .I am disabled they all knew I had an offer of 6000 for my trade in an Brad told me they would do that.I told him an rocky not to show me anything that I would have to pay more than 324 a month.Brad gave me a black dodge journey to take home over note .I came back with my service dog an caregiver the next day .He kept me there all day .Rocky stayed with me an would go tell Brad what I wanted an Brad would send him out to ask me 4pm after I had been there since 930 went in his office an I was ready to buy the car .I was by this time feeling sick can't stay places that long.I told him I have never paid for car tags an he said to come up in a few weeks to pick up the check.they had a 4500 program going on an with my trade in 6000 I could get my payments to 325 a month .An would send me that check.I was ready to leave an he said no I will speed this up .He also said I was short 750 to finance company.I gave him that.I signed a few things an left.I left feeling not good but glad it was over to long .I'm on a lot of mdse but I got through it.I didn't have a car payment for 2 months .I did go up there before tags were due an talked to Dan Marshall.they gave me a check for 2500 for taxes tags act.I never did that.but went an got them got my first car payment an it was with a different company than they told me an I'm on disability I make 730 a month to live car payment was 750 a month.I was so sick I went up there an called everybody I could at that time all I could do was turn it back in .I wanted to get my 6000 back they said no I get a penny for my car.they fired Brad I have been up there for months an months .My son took my car for a while I couldn't pay that.they got Chris the GM to talk to me he could care less .Then I got Sam in Nov.he was so sorry what happens an said they would make it right.he told me to get with rocky a pick out a 2016 journey loaded an they would buy my I would get my 300 to 325 car payment. I have been worried about this for 7 months I ended up in ICU bleeding in stomach from all this .I got out an they said they ordered the car told me not to make anymore payments they would roll them in .I waited 2 an a half months now 3 rocky told me he was getting the run around to come up there I did an Sam said sorry my credit went from 697 to 505 they could not help me.I started crying an he picked up the phone an said no its OK but Chris would not help me.I needed to sue Brad who they fired now my car might be repossessed. Because they told me not to pay.I called finance co.they said they did call an was going to do that. This is so sad no help yet I plan on calling every news station an lawyers don't buy anything from them Doug would not talk with me. Annette steinman

Dec 28, 2015

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