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We found Mark from Chelmsford Boilers via google and asked him to come and fix our boiler on fri 16 june 2017 because it had stopped working, he arrived on Sat 17th in the afternoon, stripped it down did a diagnostic and said it needs a sensor and if that doesnt fix it then it will need a gas valve, so he went and got a sensor, replaced it and did a diagnostic again and said that it hadnt worked, now it needs a gas valve, but he has to leave to do another job. So he gave me the part number and asked me to go and get it from Heating Direct and that he would be back at 08:30 on the mon 19th, so I did as he asked and he never showed up, after lots of calls he answered and said he would be with us 9:00 to 9:30 on the tue 20th, he failed to show up again, after lots more calls he said he would be with us on Wed 21st at 5:00 to 5:30 pm, we waited until 6 pm and he answered the phone and said he was very busy and that he didnt like our attitude and that he was dropping us, leaving us with a stripped down boiler, a brand new part and no way to get the boiler fixed, we are now having to look for a new boiler engineer at 6pm on a wednesday, this has taken 5 days to this stage and we are feeling extremely let down and angry, we dont know if the boiler is in a safe condition or not as we haven't got a clue how they work

Chelmsford Boilers
Chelmsford Boilers
Chelmsford Boilers

Jun 21, 2017

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